The Twilight Zone Episode 104: The Thirty Fathom Grave

The Twilight Zone The Thirty Fathom Grave

General Information Director: Perry Lafferty Writer: Rod Serling Cast: Mike Kellin, Simon Oakland, David Sheiner, John Considine, Billy Bixby, Conlan Carter, Forrest Compton, Henry Scott, Tony Call, Charles Kuenstle, Derrik Lewis, Vince Bagetta, and Louie Elias Composer: None (Stock Music) Air Date: 1/10/1963 Production Code: 4857   Overview A U.S. Navy ship encounters a submarine […]

The Twilight Zone Episode 103: In His Image

The Twilight Zone In His Image

General Information Director: Perry Lafferty Writer: Charles Beaumont Cast: George Grizzard, Gail Kobe, Katharine Squire, Wallace Rooney, George Petrie, James Seay, Jamie Forster, and Sherry Granato Composer: None (Stock Music) Air Date: 1/3/1963 Production Code: 4851   Overview While touring his hometown with his fiancée Jessica Connelly (Gail Kobe), Alan Talbot (George Grizzard) discovers that […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 54: Heretic

Tales from the Darkside Heretic

General Information Director: Jerry Smith Writer: Edithe Swensen Cast: Roberts Blossom, Bruce MacVittie, Michael O’Hare, Alan Scarfe, Dominic Marcus, and Paul Sparer Composer: Tom Pile Air Date: 11/9/1986   Overview After acquiring a painting of the Spanish Inquisition, an unscrupulous art dealer named Harte (Bruce MacVittie) is visited by a mysterious man (Alan Scarfe) dressed […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 53: Black Widows

Tales from the Darkside Black Widows

General Information Director: Karl Epstein Writer: Michael McDowell Cast: Margaret O’Brien, Theresa Saldana, Paul Eiding, Joe D’Angerio, Howard Dayton, and Paul Sparer Composer: Ken Lauber Air Date: 11/2/1986   Overview Despite the reluctance of her mother Mildred (Margaret O’Brien), trailer park resident Audrey Webster (Theresa Saldana) decides to marry a man named Robert (Joe D’Angerio). […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 52: The Geezenstacks

Tales from the Darkside The Geezenstacks

General Information Director: Bill Travis Writer: Nancy Doyne Cast: Craig Wasson, Tandy Cronyn, Larry Pine, Lana Hirsch, and Paul Sparer Composer: Charlie Morrow Air Date: 10/26/1986   Overview A little girl named Audrey Hummel (Lana Hirsch) acquires a dollhouse from her Uncle Richard (Larry Pine). Thereafter, Audrey’s father Sam (Craig Wasson) observes a number of […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 51: Florence Bravo

Tales from the Darkside Florence Bravo

General Information Director: John Lewis Writer: Edithe Swensen Cast: Lori Cardille, David Hayward, Carol Levy, Lauren Klein, and Paul Sparer Composer: Richard Einhorn Air Date: 10/19/1986   Overview After committing adultery, Dr. David McCall (David Hayward) reconciles with his emotionally unstable wife Emily (Lori Cardille) and moves into an old house with her. Sometime later, […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 50: The Bitterest Pill

Tales from the Darkside The Bitterest Pill

General Information Director: Bryan Michael Stoller Writers: Michael Kube-McDowell and Jule Selbo Cast: Mark Blankfield, Joseph Carafello, Catherine Battistone, Jason Horst, John Marzilli, and Paul Sparer Composers: Ken Lauber and Hilary Bercovici Air Date: 10/12/1986   Overview After winning the lottery, Harlan and Margery Bender (Joseph Carafello and Catherine Battistone) are approached by Tinker (Mark […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 49: I Can’t Help Saying Goodbye

Tales from the Darkside I Cant Help Saying Goodbye

General Information Director: John Strysik Writer: Jule Selbo Cast: Brian Benben, Loren Cedar, Alison Sweeney, Helen Duffy, LaGloria Scott, and Paul Sparer Composers: Ken Lauber and Hilary Bercovici Air Date: 10/5/1986   Overview Following the death of her mother Flora (Helen Duffy), Libby (Loren Cedar)—engaged to an asthmatic choir director named Max (Brian Benben)—makes a […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 48: The Circus

Tales from the Darkside The Circus

General Information Director: Michael Gornick Writer: George A. Romero Cast: William Hickey, Kevin O’Connor, Ed French, Jacques Sandulescu, David Thorton, and Paul Sparer Composer: Paul Mesches Air Date: 9/28/1986   Overview Known for debunking charlatans, Bragg (Kevin O’Connor)—a pretentious newspaper critic—decides to expose Dr. Nis (William Hickey) and his so-called Exhibition of Wonder. Before long, […]

The Abominable Snowman (1957)

The Abominable Snowman

General Information Director: Val Guest Writer: Nigel Kneale Cast: Forrest Tucker, Peter Cushing, Maureen Connell, Richard Wattis, Robert Brown, Michael Brill, Wolfe Morris, Arnold Marle, and Anthony Chin Composer: Humphrey Searle Release Date: 8/26/1957 MPAA Rating: Not Rated   Overview Against the wishes of his wife Helen (Maureen Connell), English botanist Dr. John Rollason (Peter […]