The Twilight Zone Episode 129: Probe 7, Over and Out

The Twilight Zone Probe 7 Over and Out

General Information Director: Ted Post Writer: Rod Serling Cast: Richard Basehart, Antoinette Bower, Harold Gould, and Barton Heyman Composer: None (Stock Music) Air Date: 11/29/1963 Production Code: 2622   Overview Upon crash landing on an Earth-like planet, astronaut Adam Cook (Richard Basehart) learns that he has no way of returning home. Accepting his fate, Cook […]

The Twilight Zone Episode 128: Uncle Simon

The Twilight Zone Uncle Simon

General Information Director: Don Siegel Writer: Rod Serling Cast: Cedric Hardwicke, Constance Ford, and Ian Wolfe Composer: None (Stock Music) Air Date: 11/15/1963 Production Code: 2604   Overview While acting as a caregiver, Barbara Polk (Constance Ford) must endure the verbal attacks of her Uncle Simon (Cedric Hardwicke)—an elderly scientist who spends the majority of […]

The Twilight Zone Episode 127: The Old Man in the Cave

The Twilight Zone The Old Man in the Cave

General Information Director: Alan Grosland Jr. Writer: Rod Serling Cast: James Coburn, John Anderson, Josie Lloyd, John Craven, and John Marley Composer: None (Stock Music) Air Date: 11/8/1963 Production Code: 2603   Overview Surviving after a nuclear war, a man named Goldsmith (John Anderson) and a small group of settlers follow the advice of an […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 69: The Enormous Radio

Tales from the Darkside The Enormous Radio

General Information Director: Bill Travis Writer: Guy Gallo Cast: Christine Estabrook, John Rothman, Kate O’Toole, Peter Webster, Frank Ammirati, Patrick Farrelly, Catherine Gaffican, Chet London, Karen Shallo, Kit Le Fever, Beth Broderick, and Paul Sparer Composer: None (Stock Music) Air Date: 5/17/1987   Overview After purchasing a special radio, housewife Irene (Christine Estabrook) discovers that […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 68: Let the Games Begin

Tales from the Darkside Let the Games Begin

General Information Director: John Lewis Writer: Peter O’Keefe Cast: David Groh, Jane Summerhays, Earl Hindman, Willie Reale, and Paul Sparer Composer: Tom Pile Air Date: 5/10/1987   Overview After a night of heavy drinking, Harry Carson (Earl Hindman) suffers a heart attack and dies in his hotel room. Fighting for possession of Harry’s soul, an […]

The Twilight Zone Episode 126: Living Doll

The Twilight Zone Living Doll

General Information Director: Richard C. Sarafian Writer: Charles Beaumont Cast: Telly Savalas, Mary La Roche, and Tracy Stratford Composer: Bernard Herrmann Air Date: 11/1/1963 Production Code: 2621   Overview When his stepdaughter Christie (Tracy Stratford) brings home a doll named Talky Tina, Erich Streator (Telly Savalas) confronts his wife Annabelle (Mary La Roche) over the […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 67: The Swap

Tales from the Darkside The Swap

General Information Director: John Drury Writer: Dick Benner Cast: Charles Ludlam, Maria Manuche, Jim Wlcek, Timothy Jenkins, and Paul Sparer Composer: Tom Pile Air Date: 5/3/1987   Overview Covered in terrible skin lesions, Bubba (Charles Ludlam)—son of a powerful conjuror—discovers that his wife Anna Belle (Maria Manuche) is having an affair with handyman Claude Altoose […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 66: The Social Climber

Tales from the Darkside The Social Climber

General Information Director: Armand Mastroianni Writer: Ellen Sandhaus Cast: Albert Hague, Robert Romanus, Talia Balsalm, Leslie Chain, Irene Roseen, and Paul Sparer Composer: Ken Lauber Air Date: 3/8/1987   Overview While working for a shoemaker named Anthony (Albert Hague), Rob (Robert Romanus)—a dreamer with high aspirations—discovers that he can experience the lives of other people […]

The Twilight Zone Episode 125: The Last Night of a Jockey

The Twilight Zone The Last Night of a Jockey

General Information Director: Joseph M. Newman Writer: Rod Serling Cast: Mickey Rooney Composer: None (Stock Music) Air Date: 10/25/1963 Production Code: 2616   Overview Banned by the racing commission for his unethical behavior, a diminutive jockey named Grady (Mickey Rooney) begins hearing a familiar voice inside his mind. Confronted by his alter ego, Grady complains […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 65: Auld Acquaintances

Tales from the Darkside Auld Acquaintances

General Information Director: Richard Friedman Writer: Edithe Swensen Cast: Sally Gracie, Linda Thorson, and Paul Sparer Composer: Michael Karp Air Date: 3/1/1987   Overview While sharing a prison cell, witches Mary Hobbs (Sally Gracie) and Elizabeth Eaton (Linda Thorson) covet a unique talisman for its extraordinary power. Unable to share the item, Mary and Elizabeth […]