Lost in Space Episode 60: Condemned of Space

General Information

Director: Nathan Juran

Writer: Peter Packer

Cast: Guy Williams, June Lockhart, Mark Goddard, Marta Kristen, Billy Mumy, Angela Cartwright, Jonathan Harris, and Marcel Hillaire

Composer: None (Stock Music)

Air Date: 9/6/1967

Production #: 1501



Threatened by an approaching comet, the Robinsons are forced to evacuate the season-two planet. Thereafter, Dr. Smith accidentally ejects the Robot from the Jupiter 2, requiring Professor Robinson and Major West to explorelost-in-space-condemned-of-space an automated prison ship while searching for their mechanical companion. Tampering with alien controls, Dr. Smith releases Phanzig (Marcel Hillaire)—a dangerous criminal—from confinement.

A loose remake of “The Derelict,” “Condemned of Space” provides a thrilling, memorable introduction to the third and final season of Lost in Space. Especially captivating are the creative concepts (e.g. space travel, suspended animation, and robotic prison guards) presented in this episode, the futuristic vision of which will appeal to science fiction fans.



lost-in-space-condemned-of-spaceBy progressing at a swift and compelling pace from start to finish, “Condemned of Space” delivers an adventurous, riveting, action-packed story that viewers of all ages can easily enjoy. Specifically, the Robinsons evade a fiery collision, chase the Robot B-9 across hard vacuum, discover an alien vessel containing frozen convicts, encounter Robby the Robot for the second time, and quell a ship-wide rebellion before returning to outer space—events that establish an exciting new course for Lost in Space after a tedious, if not thoroughly stagnant, second season.

lost-in-space-condemned-of-spaceAlso worth praising are the set designs featured in “Condemned of Space,” which provide the Vera Castle Penitentiary with a haunting and surreal atmosphere. Upon entering the prison, for example, Don and John traverse an empty, icy-blue corridor that serves to embody the underlying themes (i.e. the loneliness and isolation experienced by societal outcasts, represented in this episode as forgotten prisoners confined to a frozen ship) of Peter Packer’s narrative.



lost-in-space-condemned-of-spaceThough quite menacing, the character of Phanzig comes across as a tad cartoonish during his interactions with Dr. Smith.



Confronted by a horde of angry prisoners, John risks his life to repair a mechanism that could save every person aboard Vera Castle—a testament to the noble, self-sacrificing nature of Professor Robinson.


Concluding Comments

“Condemned of Space” deserves its reputation as a rousing, iconic, and visually striking episode. Therefore, enthusiasts of the sci-fi/adventure crossover genre would be wise to view this classic installment of Lost in Space.


Overall Quality: 9/10


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3 thoughts on “Lost in Space Episode 60: Condemned of Space

  1. I love, love, love the new opening. The countdown, the music, the images of the cast. I also love that they are traveling in space. The planet bound episodes tend to be more campy and juvenile to the point of offensiveness as early as the first pirate episode in season one (you can make juvenile shows that aren’t stupid. The Sarah Jane Adventures, for example) . At the time I loved the new costumes. Now, it looks like they fell out of an Easter basket. Even as a kid I didn’t understand where the pod was on the ship.

  2. This is my number six ranked episode for the psychedelic and far out, all over the place, highly inconsistent and relatively overrated, shortest final colored season..

  3. Just like with all seasons, the opener to the final season begins in rousing fashion with a solid winner. This one is played pretty much all serious. Of course, this is not nearly your original LOST IN SPACE anymore. It is too far removed from the original, and the kids (Penny and William) are too old now.

    And that is one of my personal drawbacks to final Season Three, which cannot be blamed on the stories themselves. I prefer Penny and William the more, the younger they were. I do not care for their ‘overacting’ this season. That being said, Ms. Penny looks mighty good in her silver flight suit once again.