Lost in Space Episode 72: Two Weeks in Space

General Information

Director: Don Richardson

Writer: Robert Hamner

Cast: Guy Williams, June Lockhart, Mark Goddard, Marta Kristen, Billy Mumy, Angela Cartwright, Jonathan Harris, Fritz Feld, Richard Krisher, Eric Matthews, Edy Williams, and Carroll Roebke

Composer: None (Stock Music)

Air Date: 12/13/1967

Production #: 1515



In order to evade capture, four intergalactic thieves disguise themselves as human tourists and brainwash Mr. Zumdish into acting as their guide. Upon arriving lost-in-space-two-weeks-in-spaceon the planet currently occupied by the Robinsons, the aliens are accommodated by Dr. Smith, who, without permission from the others, transforms the Jupiter 2 into a luxurious hotel.

A juvenile, groan-worthy episode, “Two Weeks in Space” is marred by the antics of Will, Dr. Smith, and the Robot. For this reason, science fiction fans of a serious temperament would be wise to avoid this effort.



lost-in-space-two-weeks-in-spaceWhen the alien imposters roam the Jupiter 2 at night, stock footage of a full moon is employed in conjunction with the howling of a nearby animal—a technique that generates an eerie, suspenseful atmosphere reminiscent of a classic horror film.



Though necessary for the events of Robert Hamner’s narrative to unfold, the Robinsons’ decision to leave Dr. Smith—a buffoonish, incompetent man—in charge of the Jupiter 2 is never explained.

lost-in-space-two-weeks-in-spaceAlso problematic is the copious amount of slapstick violence featured in this episode, which often parallels that of a typical Three Stooges short. For example, Smith is repeatedly bonked on the head with a shuttlecock, prompting Non (Edy Williams), an alien posing as an attractive human female, to comfort the good doctor—a comedic device that will likely appeal to only the youngest of Lost in Space fans.





Concluding Comments

lost-in-space-two-weeks-in-spaceFor combining low-brow humor with an oft-used premise (i.e. a beautiful woman seducing Dr. Smith, who responds in a strangely apathetic manner), “Two Weeks in Space” should be criticized. This episode does, however, benefit from a compelling sequence that, at least on a surface level, resembles an old, black-and-white monster movie not unlike those distributed by Universal Studios.


Overall Quality: 3/10


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2 thoughts on “Lost in Space Episode 72: Two Weeks in Space

  1. This is my number twenty-three ranked episode for the psychedelic and far out, all over the place, highly inconsistent and relatively overrated, shortest final colored season..

  2. Although I consider this episode to be my second worst of the entire series, it can be entertaining. At least, much more so than the previous episode. This episode has some cringe worthy embarrassing scenes, but it has some good stuff as well. This is easily the worst (and the last) of the trio of the Mr. Zumdish entries. Really, Mr. Zumdish was not even needed. I think they just made an excuse to build an episode around his character.

    As usual as well, this one is a bit far-fetched. Again, I thought it was so much better in the 1970s. Alas, it has dropped and dropped in the rankings through the years. It is still fun though..though ridiculous.. :-]