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Jon Davidson – Author of Midnite Reviews

I am a blogger, freelance writer, and fiction author located in the Indianapolis area. Having founded Midnite Reviews as a project for one of my college English classes, I later expanded this site into a platform for sharing my articles, movie reviews, and fan fiction works with fellow enthusiasts of the sci-fi genre. If you have any questions or feedback concerning my content, feel free to use the comment form at the bottom of this page.

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16 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for your blog. I am watching Lost in Space, well at the least episodes I can tolerate. I am enjoy reading your analysis of the episodes after I watch them. We tend to have similar opinions most of the time. I also enjoy the Twilight Zone reviews and will read more of those if you choose to continue that. Space 1999 is another series that would be fun to explore. At any rate. Thanks for your efforts.

  2. Jon, I came across your ‘Midnite Reviews’ recently. I love the short concise format with the pictures. I hope to add lots of comments, thoughts and opinions. This was my all-time favorite series and a long time passion.. :-]

    I am also big on ranking the episodes..

  3. Hi Jon. Thank you for letting my post go public. I think I will like it here, and will get more and more involved in time.. :-]

    I just wrote a long reply, but then I could not send it. Is there a limit to how many characters I can type?

    More later.. :-]

    • That’s strange… I’m not aware of any character limits, though it’s possible that one of my plugins interfered with your comment. I’ll see if I can determine the source of the problem.

  4. This is off-topic, but since you are now onto horror movie reviews, I would be interested in seeing reviews on my two all-time favorite spooky/horror movies. Both star Vincent Price (of course). They are HOUSE OF WAX (1953) and THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM (1961). I never saw all these classics you are reviewing because I was never much of a movie/television watcher through the years so my overall well-rounded viewing is limited, but those two are long time very chiller favorites with me.. :-]

    • I’ve been working on sci-fi/horror movie reviews since July in preparation of the Halloween season. I’ll resume my normal posting schedule on November 1st.

  5. It is my first time here. My name is Lucio and Lost in Space is one of the most wonderful memories of my childhood. As I saw these pictures I came back in time at lest four decades of joy and excitement. I am brazilliam and i own a Jonathan Harris autograph when he was in my city Fortaleza in 1995.Excuse my poor English mistakes and thanks for the opportunity to keep in touch with you guys.

  6. Hello, Jon. I was glad to see that photo of Will with the Pirate in your blog post about the Lost In Space episode “The Space Pirate.” Is there a way I could get a 300 dpi version of that image to include in the 3rd edition of my Albert Salmi biography?

    • Hi Sandra, thanks for visiting my site. All of the images in my reviews come from DVD screenshots, so I’m not sure if I can produce a high-resolution copy of the Sky Pirate photo. That being said, I can try to locate the exact time in the episode where that image occurs. Then if you take a screenshot from the Blu-ray version, you would have a high-quality image to display.