Tales from the Darkside Episode 71: Mary, Mary

Tales from the Darkside Mary Mary

General Information Director: Katarina Wittich Writer: Jule Selbo Cast: Margaret Whitton, A.C. Weary, Fred Burstein, and Paul Sparer Composer: Pat Irwin Air Date: 10/4/1987   Overview Living in a small apartment, shy photographer Mary Jones (Margaret Whitton) creates a fantasy world of dolls and mannequins. Despite her initial complacency, Mary develops a new set of […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 70: Beetles

Tales from the Darkside Beetles

General Information Director: Frank De Palma Writer: Robert Bloch Cast: Rod McCary, Sirri Murad, Donald MacKechnie, Colm Meaney, Angelo Grisanti, Neil Kinsella, and Paul Sparer Composer: Ken Lauber Air Date: 9/27/1987   Overview After acquiring an Egyptian sarcophagus containing valuable artifacts, archaeologist Arthur Hartley (Rod McCary) begins experiencing strange and paranormal phenomena. Failing to heed […]

The Twilight Zone Episode 135: The Long Morrow

The Twilight Zone The Long Morrow

General Information Director: Robert Florey Writer: Rod Serling Cast: Robert Lansing, Mariette Hartley, Edward Binns, George Macready, William Swan, and Donald Spruance Composer: None (Stock Music) Air Date: 1/10/1964 Production Code: 2624   Overview Given his lack of friends and family, astronaut Douglas Stansfield (Robert Lansing) is selected for a deep space mission lasting forty […]

Night Gallery Episode 9: Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay/With Apologies to Mr. Hyde/The Flip-Side of Satan

Night Gallery With Apologies to Mr Hyde

General Information Directors: William Hale, Jeannot Szwarc, and Jerrold Freedman Writers: Alvin Sapinsley, Jack Laird, Malcolm Marmorstein, and Gerald Sanford Cast: James Farentino, Michele Lee, Jonathan Harris, Jeanette Nolan, Adam West, Arte Johnson, Eldon Quick, Charles Seel, Alma Platt, Arnold Turner, and Jack Laird Composer: John Lewis Gallery Painter: Tom Wright Air Date: 9/29/1971   […]

Night Gallery Episode 8: Death in the Family/The Merciful/Class of ’99/Witches’ Feast

Night Gallery Witches Feast

General Information Directors: Jeannot Szwarc and Jerrold Freedman Writers: Rod Serling, Jack Laird, and Gene Kearney Cast: E.G. Marshall, Desi Arnaz Jr., Imogene Coca, King Donovan, Vincent Price, Brandon de Wilde, Agnes Moorehead, Ruth Buzzi, Noam Pitlik, James B. Sikking, John Williams Evans, Bill Elliot, Bud Walls, Randolph Mantooth, Frank Hotchkiss, Hilly Hicks, Suzanne Cohane, […]

Night Gallery Episode 7: The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes/Miss Lovecraft Sent Me/The Hand of Borgus Weems/Phantom of What Opera?

Night Gallery The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes

General Information Directors: John M. Badham, Gene Kearney, and John M. Lucas Writers: Rod Serling, Jack Laird, Alvin Sapinsley, and Gene Kearney Cast: Michael Constantine, Clint Howard, Joseph Campanella, Sue Lyon, George Maharis, Ray Milland, Leslie Nielsen, Bernie Kopell, Ellen Weston, William Hansen, Gene Tyburn, Rance Howard, Rosary Nix, John Donald, Joan Huntingon, Patricia Donahue, […]

The Munsters’ Scary Little Christmas (1996)

The Munsters Scary Little Christmas

General Information Director: Ian Emes Writers: Ed Ferrara and Kevin Murphy Cast: Sam McMurray, Ann Magnuson, Bug Hall, Sandy Baron, Mary Woronov, Ed Gale, Arturo Gil, Mark Mitchell, Jeremy Callaghan, Elaine Hendrix, John Allen, Noel Ferrier, Bruce Spence, Kate Fisher, Ann Dane, Patricia Howson, Dominic Condon, Jonathan Biggins, Alan Zitner, Daniel Kellie, Michael Hamilton, Malcolm […]

Night Gallery Episode 6: They’re Tearing Down Tim Riley’s Bar/The Last Laurel

Night Gallery Theyre Tearing Down Tim Rileys Bar

General Information Directors: Don Taylor and Daryl Duke Writer: Rod Serling Cast: William Windom, Diane Baker, Bert Convy, John Randolph, Jack Cassidy, Martine Beswick, Henry Beckman, David Astor, Robert Herrman, Gene O’Donnell, Frederic Downs, John Ragin, David Frank, Susannah Darrow, Mary Gail Hobbs, Margie Hall, Don Melvoin, Matt Pelto, and Martin E. Brooks Composer: Benny […]

Night Gallery Episode 5: Pamela’s Voice/Lone Survivor/The Doll

Night Gallery The Doll

General Information Directors: Richard Benedict, Gene Levitt, and Rudi Dorn Writer: Rod Serling Cast: Phyllis Diller, John Astin, John Colicos, Torin Thatcher, Hedley Mattingly, Shani Wallis, John Williams, Henry Silva, Charles Davis, Brendan Dillon, William Beckley, Terence Pushman, Edward Colmans, Pierre Jalbert, Carl Milletaire, Than Wyenn, Jewel Blanch, and John Barclay Composer: Robert Prince Gallery […]

Night Gallery Episode 4: Make Me Laugh/Clean Kills and Other Trophies

Night Gallery Clean Kills and Other Trophies

General Information Directors: Steven Spielberg and Walter Doniger Writer: Rod Serling Cast: Godfrey Cambridge, Tom Bosley, Jackie Vernon, Raymond Massey, Tom Troupe, Barry Brown, Herbert Jefferson Jr., Al Lewis, Sidney Clute, John J. Fox, Gene Kearney, Tony Russel, Sonny Klein, Michael Hart, Georgia Schmidt, Sid Rushakoff, and Don Melvoin Composer: Robert Prince Gallery Painter: Tom […]