Tales from the Crypt Episode 6: Collection Completed

General Information

Director: Mary Lambert

Writers: Battle Davis, Randolph Davis, and A. Whitney Brown

Cast: John Kassir, M. Emmet Walsh, Audra Lindley, and Martin Garner

Composer: Nicholas Pike

Air Date: 6/28/1989



Retired from his job, Jonas (M. Emmet Walsh) decides to spend more time with his wife Anita (Audra Lindley). Much to his chagrin, Jonas later discovers tales-from-the-crypt-collection-completedAnita’s obsession with adopting stray and exotic animals—with a horrifying outcome.

Combining black comedy tropes with an important life lesson, “Collection Completed” should be requisite viewing for Tales from the Crypt enthusiasts. Horror fans with a fondness for animals may, however, be wise to avoid this episode for its disturbing twist in the final act.



“Collection Completed” should be commended for its amusing, albeit stereotypical, elderly characters: Jonas, a grumpy and foul-mouthed old man with a sadistictales-from-the-crypt-collection-completed streak; Anita, a pet collector who neglects her household duties while tending to her animals; and Roy (Martin Garner), who, though portrayed as a goofy and intrusive neighbor, ironically offers Jonas the only sound advice for saving his relationship with Anita. Worth praising in particular are the antics of Jonas and Anita while together, which make a hilarious case against marriage between people with incompatible personality traits.



tales-from-the-crypt-collection-completedJonas’ treatment of Anita’s pets—mainly dogs, cats, and squirrels—may induce cringing from viewers of a sensitive disposition.



“Collection Completed” contains a valuable message on the importance of communication within relationships, especially when marriage partners wish to establish boundaries for each other.


Concluding Comments

The final installment of season one, “Collection Completed” deserves praise for its dark and subtle humor. Specifically well-executed is the twist ending of this episode, which, in spite of its predictable nature, provides a macabre, ironic, and satisfying fate for the wicked Jonas.


Overall Quality: 8/10


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