Tales from the Crypt Episode 5: Lover Come Hack to Me

General Information

Director: Tom Holland

Writer: Michael McDowell

Cast: John Kassir, Amanda Plummer, Stephen Shellen, Lisa Figus, and Richard Eden

Composer: Joe Renzetti

Air Date: 6/21/1989



Against the wishes of her Aunt Edith (Lisa Figus), heiress Peggy (Amanda Plummer) marries a handsome fortune seeker named Charles (Stephen Shellen). Forced totales-from-the-crypt-lover-come-hack-to-me spend his wedding night in a decrepit old mansion, Charles later discovers a horrifying truth about the women in Peggy’s family.

“Lover Come Hack to Me” is marred by tonal inconsistencies and a heavy reliance on horror clichés. Series enthusiasts may nevertheless enjoy this episode, which offers an atmospheric twist on a basic haunted house theme.



(Spoilers beyond this point)

tales-from-the-crypt-lover-come-hack-to-meAmanda Plummer deserves praise for her psychotic portrayal of Peggy—a presumably sweet, virginal woman with a dark family secret. Especially terrifying is Plummer’s performance during the climactic sequence, wherein Peggy—with a crazed stare etched into her unassuming eyes—murders her husband with a giant battle axe.



“Lover Come Hack to Me” may evoke criticism for its campy sex scene, wherein Charles and Peggy consummate their marriage in a candlelit bedroom. Specifically, the exaggerated moaning of both characters—now deeply attracted to each other for tales-from-the-crypt-lover-come-hack-to-methe first time—serves only to hamper the otherwise serious and haunting atmosphere of this episode.

Also problematic is the one-dimensional personality of Charles, who, given his utter lack of redeeming qualities, may fail to evoke sympathy during his death scene—much in contrast to the same character featured in The Haunt of Fear source comic.



tales-from-the-crypt-lover-come-hack-to-meProviding a male-centered version of the classic gold digger trope, “Lover Come Hack to Me” should be commended for its unique approach to an old-fashioned morality lesson.


Concluding Comments

By combining splatter movie antics with a ghost tale premise, “Lover Come Hack to Me” should appeal to fans of the horror genre. Certain Tales from the Crypt viewers may, however, take issue with this episode for its inappropriate humor and unsympathetic protagonist.


Overall Quality: 6/10


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