Lost in Space Episode 0: No Place to Hide

General Information

Director: Irwin Allen

Writers: Shimon Wincelberg and Irwin Allen

Cast: Guy Williams, June Lockhart, Mark Goddard, Marta Kristen, Billy Mumy, Angela Cartwright, and Lamar Lundy

Composer: Bernard Herrmann

Air Date: 4/24/1993

Production #: 6023



With the goal of colonizing Alpha Centauri, the Robinson family (Guy Williams, June Lockhart, Marta Kristen, Billy Mumy, and Angela Cartwright) and “Doctor” Don West (Mark Goddard) embark on a 98-year journey through space. Unfortunately,lost-in-space-no-place-to-hide things go awry when the spacefaring vehicle Gemini 12 (renamed the Jupiter 2 in later episodes) encounters a violent meteor storm and crash lands on a mysterious planet.

“No Place to Hide” deserves praise for its adventure-themed vignettes and riveting sci-fi sequences. Lost in Space enthusiasts may, however, take issue with this unaired pilot for failing to include Dr. Smith and the Robot B-9.



lost-in-space-no-place-to-hideThough filmed in 1965, the special effects in “No Place to Hide” will appeal to fans of futuristic science fiction. Specifically, this episode should be commended for its alien landscapes, terrifying monsters, and technological marvels—all of which bring to life the epic, ground-breaking vision of series creator Irwin Allen.



By presenting the main characters with a variety of obstacles to overcome, “No Place to Hide” maintains an air of suspense throughout. Due to the conspicuous absencelost-in-space-no-place-to-hide of Dr. Smith, however, this episode lacks a human antagonist to provoke conflict of a deliberate nature—unlike the official series pilot (“The Reluctant Stowaway”), where Dr. Smith reprograms the Robot to sabotage the Jupiter 2.

On a technical level, “No Place to Hide” is marred by dated production values. Portrayed by a towering actor in a furry costume, the giant cyclops, for example, may invite criticism for its unconvincing appearance—at least by the standards of a modern creature feature.



lost-in-space-no-place-to-hideSurviving numerous challenges by sticking together at all times, the Robinsons establish themselves as a loyal, caring, and functional family unit—a key component to the lasting success of the Lost in Space franchise.


Concluding Comments

Combining family values with sci-fi/disaster tropes, “No Place to Hide” provides a compelling introduction to Lost in Space. This offering also benefits from an episodic structure, which would serve as the basis for a thrilling five-part adventure.


Overall Quality: 9/10


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