Lost in Space Episode 17: The Keeper Part 2

General Information

Director: Harry Harris

Writer: Barney Slater

Cast: Guy Williams, June Lockhart, Mark Goddard, Marta Kristen, Billy Mumy, Angela Cartwright, Jonathan Harris, and Michael Rennie

Composer: None (Stock Music)

Air Date: 1/19/1966

Production #: 8517



lost-in-space-the-keeper-part-2While tampering with the controls on the Keeper’s spaceship, Dr. Smith releases a variety of horrible monsters from their exhibits. Thereafter, the Keeper agrees to return the animals—now roaming free on Priplanus—under one condition: the Robinsons must deliver Will and Penny to the Keeper, who wishes to add both children to his collection of specimens.

An ensemble piece for the main characters, “The Keeper Part 2” will appeal to fans of Lost in Space. This episode also deserves commendation for its poignant finale, which serves as a testament to the kind and compassionate qualities of Maureen Robinson.



Though usually employed for comic relief purposes alone, Dr. Smith plays an essential part in advancing the Keeper’s conflict with the Robinson family. lost-in-space-the-keeper-part-2Specifically, the reckless actions of Dr. Smith provide the Keeper—previously willing to leave the Robinsons in peace—with an opportunity to bargain for Will and Penny, who, along with the others, will potentially die if the animals remain uncontrolled for a significant length of time. In a later scene, Dr. Smith manipulates the children into meeting with the Keeper, unwittingly surrendering themselves in the process—another effective, albeit skin-crawling, use of the Dr. Smith character.



“The Keeper Part 2” may evoke criticism for its giant spider prop, which, as opposed to the live animal featured in a prior sequence, fails to produce a convincing outcome.



lost-in-space-the-keeper-part-2By offering to take the place of Will and Penny aboard the Keeper’s spacecraft, the characters of John, Maureen, Judy, and Major West demonstrate a remarkable sense of loyalty, nobility, and self-sacrifice—virtues that reinforce the traditional family relationships at the heart of Lost in Space.


Concluding Comments

“The Keeper Part 2” should be praised for its elegant performances, terrifying aliens, and heartwarming twist in the final act. Science fiction buffs and Michael Rennie enthusiasts may therefore appreciate this offering, which, similar to its predecessor, earns its status as a true series classic.


Overall Quality: 10/10


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3 thoughts on “Lost in Space Episode 17: The Keeper Part 2

  1. You are spot on with thinking The Keeper (both parts) is a series best. It has a very serious tone (look at the difference between this and A Day at the Zoo in season three. It’s almost the same story but, take very different approaches). The entire cast is featured which I always enjoy. It’s a great balance between action, philosophy and character drama. Damn, I wish there were more like these.

  2. The Keeper should have wanted Don and Judy, or John and Maureen for his collection. Why would he want a brother and sister who could not mate?

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