Lost in Space Episode 5: The Hungry Sea

General Information

Director: Sobey Martin

Writer: William Welch

Cast: Guy Williams, June Lockhart, Mark Goddard, Marta Kristen, Billy Mumy, Angela Cartwright, and Jonathan Harris

Composer: Johnny Williams

Air Date: 10/13/1965

Production #: 8505



lost-in-space-the-hungry-seaUpon escaping from an alien cave, the Robinsons return to the Chariot and continue searching for a warm climate. When Dr. Smith sends a warning message from the Jupiter 2, however, Professor Robinson and Major West disagree on how they should proceed.

The closing chapter in Lost in Space’s initial five-part story arc, “The Hungry Sea” earns its reputation as a series classic. Specifically worth praising is the compelling narrative for this episode, which combines sci-fi/disaster elements with a human-centered conflict.



Featuring hurricanes, whirlpools, and planet quakes, “The Hungry Sea” should be commended for its riveting adventure scenes. Especially intense are the climacticlost-in-space-the-hungry-sea sequences, where the main characters seek shelter from a vicious, unexpected heat wave and repair the Chariot’s solar battery during a terrible sea storm—with a near fatal outcome for Major West.

Viewers will also enjoy “The Hungry Sea” for its realistic human drama, which adds an additional layer of tension to the Robinsons’ plight. In a moment of possible redemption, for example, Dr. Smith attempts to warn the protagonists of the increasing temperatures across the planet—an action that leads to great animosity between the Robinsons and Major West, the latter of whom refuses to accept Dr. Smith at his word.






lost-in-space-the-hungry-seaDespite bickering throughout most of the episode, Major West and Professor Robinson proceed to apologize, shake hands, and make amends upon returning safely to the Jupiter 2—a touching display which indicates that both characters, though occasionally stubborn, share a great deal of respect for each other and would form a strong working relationship throughout this series.


Concluding Comments

Blending science fiction tropes with heartfelt character exchanges, “The Hungry Sea” is an outstanding entry of Lost in Space. Those of a serious nature may, however, take issue with this episode for its silly cliffhanger involving Will, Dr. Smith, and the Robot.


Overall Quality: 10/10


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3 thoughts on “Lost in Space Episode 5: The Hungry Sea

  1. The first five episodes are like one long, amazing story. Of course, now that I know about the pilot and cast additions it makes sense why that is so. These episodes are absolute gold. They are thrilling. Dr. Smith was terrifying. It would have been great if they continued to soften him as they did here, resulting in a complex, realistic person instead of turning him into the Paul Lynde of outer space. These beginning episodes are what turned me into a lifetime LIS fan. As far as this episode is concerned, the first time I watched it, I really thought Don was dead. My poor little heart stopped.

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