Lost in Space Episode 41: A Visit to Hades

General Information

Director: Don Richardson

Writer: Carey Wilber

Cast: Guy Williams, June Lockhart, Mark Goddard, Marta Kristen, Billy Mumy, Angela Cartwright, Jonathan Harris, and Gerald Mohr

Composer: None (Stock Music)

Air Date: 12/7/1966

Production #: 9513



lost-in-space-a-visit-to-hadesDr. Smith enters an infernal prison and becomes acquainted with Morbus (Gerald Mohr), who bears a strong resemblance to Satan. Despite bargaining for his freedom and allowing Morbus to escape, Dr. Smith causes a rift between Major West and Judy—captivated by Morbus and his devilish charm.

Employing juvenile slapstick at the expense of Don and Judy, “A Visit to Hades” deserves criticism for its awful character portrayals. The concept of Dr. Smith going to Hell, however, may appeal to viewers with a dark taste in humor.



Upon arriving in Hades, Dr. Smith reviews footage of his past transgressions: tattling on a fellow student, stealing exam papers from a teacher’s desk, lost-in-space-a-visit-to-hadesand helping himself to a generous portion of Penny’s birthday cake. Though quite silly (Jonathan Harris even plays the child version of Dr. Smith), the premise of Dr. Smith facing punishment for his “crimes” will amuse those with a tongue-in-cheek sense of justice.

Also worth noting is a brief cameo from the Metaluna Mutant (This Island Earth), who appears during a comedic encounter with Dr. Smith.



lost-in-space-a-visit-to-hadesUnable to leave the confines of Morbus’ lair, Judy—a mature and dignified young woman—throws a childlike temper tantrum while crying hysterically.

Similarly, Major West—often depicted as a competent fighter—makes a fool of himself during a boxing match with Morbus.





Concluding Comments

“A Visit to Hades” provides a just and hilarious fate for Dr. Smith. Lost in Space fans may nevertheless condemn this effort, which undermines Don and Judy for comic relief purposes.


Overall Quality: 4/10


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4 thoughts on “Lost in Space Episode 41: A Visit to Hades

  1. This is my number twenty-four ranked episode for the classic down home, cozy and fun, colored mid season..my second favorite season of the series, despite its much maligned and unwarranted status.. :-]

  2. Here is another very fun, tongue-in-cheek type of story, as the series right now is in a brief streak of the more ‘LiS Lite’ adventures, ending with this one. This is a very entertaining tale, and Gerald Mohr as Mr. Morbus is very dry witty in his fun role.

    There was a period where this episode went way down for me, but it has more recently gained better traction once again, as I learned to love and appreciate its humorous aspects once again. Still, it is easily in my bottom ten on the season..

  3. Biggest flaw of this episode: No Penny! Well, practically none. She is shown only from behind in that one scene showing the crew eating. Not even sure that was Angela Cartwright in the scene.

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