Lost in Space Episode 59: The Galaxy Gift

General Information

Director: Ezra Stone

Writer: Barney Slater

Cast: Guy Williams, June Lockhart, Mark Goddard, Marta Kristen, Billy Mumy, Angela Cartwright, Jonathan Harris, John Carradine, and Jim Mills

Composer: None (Stock Music)

Air Date: 4/12/1967

Production #: 9530



Mr. Arcon (John Carradine)—a blue-skinned, bald-headed alien—entrusts Penny with a powerful amulet. Plotting to steal the object, the Saticons (the main adversaries from “Wreck of the Robot”) bribe Dr. Smith into exchanging the amuletlost-in-space-the-galaxy-gift for a passage to Earth. Despite his initial satisfaction with the agreement, Dr. Smith discovers that betrayal often comes at a terrible cost.

For showcasing the talents of John Carradine in a humorous, family-friendly setting, “The Galaxy Gift” should be commended. Even by the standards of Lost in Space, however, the production values of this offering leave much to be desired.



lost-in-space-the-galaxy-giftThough covered in make-up, the face of John Carradine remains visible throughout the duration of this episode—an aspect that allowed him to make use of his features while portraying Penny’s new acquaintance. Viewers may thus find amusing many aspects of Mr. Arcon, whose animated expressions serve to complement his eccentric personality.



Instead of dwelling in the shadows to avoid exposure, the Saticons now conduct their business in broad daylight—in contrast to the first Saticon trio,lost-in-space-the-galaxy-gift whose elusive qualities would often heighten the ominous nature of all three aliens.

Upon arriving in “Chinatown,” Dr. Smith and Penny are stalked by a two-legged creature sporting a giant insect head (created for the original version of The Fly). Unfortunately, the alien monster lacks a pair of grotesque, claw-like hands to match his bug-eyed visage—unlike the fly/human hybrid from the 1958 sci-fi/horror classic.



lost-in-space-the-galaxy-giftIn the penultimate scene, Mr. Arcon prepares to send Dr. Smith to a dead star as punishment for his actions. Appalled at the verdict, Maureen and the others compel Arcon to show mercy on Dr. Smith, explaining the importance of forgiveness in doing so—a sequence that will appeal to those who enjoy Lost in Space for its exemplary, heartwarming values.


Concluding Comments

“The Galaxy Gift” benefits from a poignant moral lesson. Also terrific is the performance of Carradine, which will likely entertain fans of the late actor.


Overall Quality: 6/10


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6 thoughts on “Lost in Space Episode 59: The Galaxy Gift

  1. Season two of LIS is hideous, mostly unwatchable as far as I’m concerned. I agree with most of your comments throughout your season two reviews regarding why. The Doctor Smith, Will and Robot hour didn’t do it for me, even when I watching as a kid, Will’s age.

  2. This is my number eight ranked episode for the classic down home, cozy and fun, colored mid season..my second favorite season of the series, despite its much maligned and unwarranted status.. :-]

  3. My ‘official’ and ‘definitive’ episode rankings for the final Season Three will come toward the end of next week, when I have more time. In the meantime, please stay tuned..to be continued next week.. :-]

  4. To this day, I am floored that some (so called) ‘fans’ of this classic series make general and over exaggerated comments to the effect that this entire season is “hideous” or “horrible.” It is warm, fun, and down home classic LOST IN SPACE, mind you.. ;-]

  5. The classic middle season concludes on a very solid note. We had repeat guest alien costumes here. This time, they are the Saticons. This one also has kind of a different feel to it. Perhaps because John and Don are away. It is a somber feeling knowing the season (and season) is ending.

    Dr. Smith’s hair looks significantly whiter in this story for some reason. On that note, Marta Kristen has looked different in these most recent stories. I think it is her hairstyle.

    This is just a very solid way to conclude a beloved season, a season that saw the series go through major transformations.

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