Tales from the Crypt Episode 23: My Brother’s Keeper

Technical Specs

Director: Peter S. Seaman

Writers: Jeffrey Price and Peter S. Seaman

Cast: Timothy Stack, Jonathan Stark, Jessica Harper, Ron Orbach, Valerie Bickford, John Kassir, Charlies Stransky, Connie Johnson, and Trixie Hall

Composer: Michel Rubini

Air Date: 7/24/1990



After visiting a doctor (Ron Orbach) who specializes in separating Siamese twins, conjoined brothers Frank (Timothy Stack) and Eddie (Jonathan Stark) have differing opinions on tales-from-the-crypt-my-brothers-keeperwhether to proceed with the operation. In spite of Eddie’s persuasive measures, Frank remains cautious of the dangers involved in surgical separation; however, Frank has a change of heart upon entering a relationship with the beautiful Marie (Jessica Harper), whose attraction to Frank is surpassed only by her revulsion toward Eddie.

Its juvenile approach to humor notwithstanding, “My Brother’s Keeper” contains many aspects that should appeal to Tales from the Crypt enthusiasts and fans of slapstick comedy alike. Specifically, the antics of Frank and Eddie are entertaining enough that viewers may be inclined overlook any logical flaws that stem from the absurd premise on which this episode operates.



tales-from-the-crypt-my-brothers-keeperThough clichéd at times, “My Brother’s Keeper” maintains an amusing quality by highlighting the personality contrasts that differentiate Frank from Eddie. Notably, Timothy Stack’s portrayal of Frank as a conservative, well-bred individual lends credibility to his conflict with Eddie, whose crass and downright raunchy demeanor will no doubt repulse audiences and in doing so, elicit a great deal of sympathy for the former character.



(Spoilers beyond this point)

Setting aside the fact that a pair of dizygotic twins could not possibly share an anatomical structure, “My Brother’s Keeper” is hampered by one significant logical flaw: when Marie revealstales-from-the-crypt-my-brothers-keeper that Eddie bribed her into dating Frank so as to tempt him into signing the doctor’s medical release form, one can infer that Eddie must have spoken with Marie ahead of time in order to work out the details of his scheme. This presents a problem, however, given that Frank and Eddie are incapable of performing any tasks apart from one another; therefore, Eddie could not have realistically contacted Marie without Frank’s knowledge. (On a similar note, perceptive viewers may question how Eddie manages to “hide” the aforementioned release form from his brother by concealing it in a variety of cleverly selected locations throughout the house.)



tales-from-the-crypt-my-brothers-keeperA self-explanatory morality lesson is present, with Eddie receiving his comeuppance after relying upon murder and coercion to get his way.


Concluding Comments

While horror buffs of a mature inclination may wish to avoid this offering, “My Brother’s Keeper” will likely be of interest to young Tales from the Crypt fans. Also worth mentioning is the satisfying conclusion outlined above, which effectively counterbalances any gags of a cringe-inducing variety.


Overall Quality: 6/10


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