Star Trek Episode 11: The Menagerie Part I

General Information

Director: Marc Daniels

Writer: Gene Roddenberry

Cast: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Jeffrey Hunter, Susan Oliver, Malachi Throne, Majel Barrett, Peter Duryea, John Hoyt, Adam Roarke, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, Nichelle Nichols, Sean Kenney, Hagan Beggs, and Julie Parrish

Composer: Alexander Courage

Air Date: 11/17/1966

Stardate: 3012.4

Production #: 6149-16A



Upon arriving at Starbase 11, Spock kidnaps the disabled Captain Pike (Jeffrey Hunter and Sean Kenney), hijacks the Enterprise, and plots a course for Talos IV. star-trek-the-menagerie-part-IWhen brought to trial for his actions, Spock defends himself with video testimony from eighteen years prior—with an ominous explanation.

Winner of the 1967 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, “The Menagerie Part I” should be commended for building an original story around recycled footage from “The Cage.” Especially worth noting is the mystery aspect of this episode, which alludes to a past relationship involving Pike, Spock, and the Talosian race.



Featuring scenes from “The Cage” inside a framing narrative, “The Menagerie Part I” will appeal to fans of the first Star Trek pilot. Specifically,star-trek-the-menagerie-part-I when Commodore Mendez (Malachi Throne) convenes a hearing to determine Spock’s fate, the Talosians broadcast visual evidence through an Enterprise viewscreen. As a result of this, Pike’s initial visit to Talos IV, abduction by the Talosians, and relationship with Vina are presented as historical events within the context of this episode—a clever method of establishing “The Cage,” which would remain unreleased until 1986, as series canon.



star-trek-the-menagerie-part-IWhile discussing General Order 7 with Kirk, Mendez reveals that to visit Talos IV would incur the death penalty. Of course, viewers may question why Starfleet—the military branch of a humanist, utopian society in the 23rd century—would execute citizens for traveling to a forbidden planet.



Forcing the main characters to choose between duty and honor, “The Menagerie Part I” deserves praise for its compelling ethical dilemma. Despite his logical naturestar-trek-the-menagerie-part-I and impeccable performance record, for example, Spock puts his own life and career on the line in order to assist a friend in need. Faced with a similar problem, Kirk must decide between following his heart and condemning his first officer to death. Though resolved peacefully in “The Menagerie Part II,” the conflict of this episode offers a captivating, in-depth study on how personal feelings can influence even the most professional of men.


Concluding Comments

“The Menagerie Part I” benefits from a surprising character twist, an exciting cliffhanger, and a fascinating science fiction theme (i.e., advanced aliens using the power of illusion to dominate inferior lifeforms). Star Trek enthusiasts will therefore enjoy this offering, which, along with “The Menagerie Part II,” earns its status as a series classic.


Overall Quality: 10/10


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