Tales from the Darkside Episode 14: Snip, Snip

Technical Specs

Director: Terence Cahalan

Writers: Howard Smith and Tom Allen

Cast: Carol Kane, Bud Cort, Ed Kenney, Paul Micale, and Paul Sparer

Composer: None (Stock Music)

Air Date: 2/10/1985



After Abe North (Bud Cort) fails to win the lottery with his devilish combination, the math professor turned warlock decides to steal the successful ticket from an unassuming hairdresser named Anne MacColl (Carol Kane). However, Abe soon realizes that he has more in common with his rival than he initially believed.

While Carol Kane and Bud Cort should be commended for their strong chemistry, “Snip, Snip” fails to execute its humorous concept in a compelling fashion. Fans of Kane’s quirky tales-from-the-darkside-snip-snipacting will appreciate her performance as Cort’s antagonist, though others may find this episode disappointing due to its uneven tone.



By first playing her part as a bubbly hairdresser and slowly transitioning into the role of a sinister magician, Kane effectively showcased her talents as a character actress despite the limited material she was given to work with.



Unlike many Tales from the Darkside entries, “Snip, Snip” might have actually benefited from a purely comedic approach. As it stands, this episode fails to maintain an ominous atmosphere tales-from-the-darkside-snip-snipas a result of many over-the-top scenes involving the two main characters. Likewise, the numerous attempts at humor never quite succeed as well as intended given the dark atmosphere and evil undertones that permeate Howard Smith’s narrative. Though a neat twist ending redeems this offering from its lackluster pacing, even this clever resolution may leave viewers with conflicted feelings over the gruesome fate that befalls a whiny but harmless character.



tales-from-the-darkside-snip-snipThose who enjoy horror with a moral twist will appreciate this episode’s simple message regarding the importance of earning one’s accomplishments instead of succumbing to envy.


Concluding Comments

“Snip, Snip” operates on an intriguing premise that will appeal to fans of supernatural horror. Unfortunately, an imbalanced execution culminates in a mediocre final result.


Overall Quality: 5/10


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