The Munsters Episode 12: The Sleeping Cutie

Technical Specs

Director: Norman Abbott

Writers: James Allardice and Tom Adair

Cast: Yvonne De Carlo, Al Lewis, Beverley Owen, Butch Patrick, Fred Gwynne, Grant Williams, Gavin MacLeod, John Hoyt, and Walter Woolf King

Composer: Jack Marshall

Air Date: 12/10/1964



After Grandpa invents a pill that transforms water into gasoline, Reliable Oil Company sends an executive named Dick Prince (Gavin MacLeod) to the Munster home. In the-munsters-the-sleeping-cutiea hurried attempt to write down his formula while concocting a cure for Marilyn’s insomnia, the absent-minded vampire accidently gives his granddaughter a sleeping beauty potion. As it turns out, the only thing that can awaken Marilyn from her perpetual slumber is the kiss of a prince.

By combining one of Grandpa’s goofy experiments with a classic fairy tale, “The Sleeping Cutie” makes excellent use of its clichéd premise. Many fans of The Munsters will enjoy this episode for its zany humor, while others should admire Herman’s ethical response to a tempting offer.



Though the two main plotlines may seem unrelated at first glance, writers James Allardice and Tom Adair managed to seamlessly combine both narratives through a hilarious mix-up the-munsters-the-sleeping-cutieinvolving Grandpa’s latest scheme. Initially, the incidents surrounding Grandpa’s gasoline pill provide plenty of entertainment before smoothly paving the way for Marilyn’s mishap upon consuming the sleeping beauty potion. In one of her final appearances in The Munsters, Beverley Owen was given the opportunity to showcase her underused talents in conjunction with a young Gavin MacLeod, whose amusing reactions to the Munster family and their bizarre situation effectively carry the latter half of this episode.






the-munsters-the-sleeping-cutieWhile Grandpa’s attempt to take advantage of an enticing contract may prompt viewers to question his moral grounding, Herman’s honorable decision in the final scene demonstrates that despite his kooky personality and looks, the Munster patriarch appears to possess stronger values than the majority of modern-day sitcom characters.


Concluding Comments

“The Sleeping Cutie” is another outstanding episode of The Munsters. In addition to its clever storytelling, this installment benefits from an abundance of laughable special effects and well-crafted puns.


Overall Quality: 10/10


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