The Munsters Episode 16: Grandpa’s Call of the Wild

Technical Specs

Director: Earl Bellamy

Writers: Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher

Cast: Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo, Al Lewis, Pat Priest, Butch Patrick, Ed Peck, Don Haggerty, Bing Russell, Mike Ragan, and Curt Barrett

Composer: Jack Marshall

Air Date: 1/7/1965



In this “campy” episode, Eddie suggests that his family take a trip to the woods. Despite their reservations over having to breathe fresh air, Herman and Lily decide that spending some the-munsters-grandpas-call-of-the-wildquality time with nature could be a lot of fun. Grandpa, on the other hand, feels homesick for Transylvania and turns into a canine upon spotting one of his “old friends” (stock footage of a wolf is used for this effect). Ever loyal to his ridiculous father-in-law, Herman reluctantly agrees to search for Grandpa, with humorous results.

Though Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher’s narrative takes a while to find its focus, fans of The Munsters are sure to have a howling good time once things get going. For those who enjoy this series for its atrocious special effects and classic misunderstanding scenarios, “Grandpa’s Call of the Wild” will not disappoint.



When the Munsters arrive at the park grounds, viewers can easily predict how their antics will affect other campers in the surrounding area. Particularly amusing are Herman’s fishingthe-munsters-grandpas-call-of-the-wild efforts, which end with the Munsters feasting on an assortment of foods inadvertently lifted from nearby campsites (Herman doesn’t bother to question how roasted chicken and fish could exist naturally in the wild). The forest rangers also react to these “suspicious-looking characters” in a manner that will entertain series enthusiasts, especially when mistaking Herman for a meddlesome bear during his attempt to rescue Grandpa (in wolf form) from a locked kennel.



If the Munsters had mistaken a real wolf for Grandpa, a more satisfying twist could have ensued.



the-munsters-grandpas-call-of-the-wildOnce again, Herman demonstrates strong family values by saving Grandpa from another foolish predicament.


Concluding Comments

“Grandpa’s Call of the Wild” is a clever, if not exceptional, effort. While a slow start may bore traditional fans of this series, the occasionally languid pacing can be forgiven when considering Herman’s hilarious behavior in later scenes.


Overall Quality: 7/10


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