The Munsters Episode 30: Country Club Munsters

Technical Specs

Director: Joseph Pevney

Writer: Douglas Tibbles

Cast: Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo, Al Lewis, Pat Priest, Butch Patrick, Woodrow Parfrey, J. Edward McKinley, Al Checco, Johnny Jacobs, Janet Dey, Sally Ross, and Dan Tobin

Composer: Jack Marshall

Air Date: 4/15/1965



the-munsters-country-club-munstersHaving been awarded membership to an exclusive country club, Herman and his family decide to accept the offer. Upon further consideration, however, the Munsters decide that the club may not “meet their standards” after all.

“Country Club Munsters” puts a funny spin on the culture clash trope. While Grandpa’s stuck-up attitude may offend those who admire the Munsters for their exceptional values, this offering serves primarily to contrast the humble characteristics of Herman, Lily, and Marilyn with the club members’ air of superiority.



By placing the Munsters amidst a collection of snooty country club patrons, this episode exploits the naivety of Lily, Herman, and Grandpa with effective comedic results. In one the-munsters-country-club-munstershilarious scene, for example, Lily provides an elaborate demonstration of the macabre materials comprising her dress after witnessing a similar display during a fashion exhibit (Lily assumes that the club store models go around advertising their gown prices as a courtesy to others, hence inspiring her decision to do the same). Additionally amusing is the fact that Grandpa believes himself to be of higher social standing than his fellow club members, an opinion that he justifies by pulling the “count” card.



The concept of Herman inadvertently “desecrating” a golf course is quite clever; however, a similar premise had been employed more humorously in the preceding episode, “Herman the Rookie.”



the-munsters-country-club-munstersThough destruction of property would seem to undermine Herman’s good nature, the goofy green giant redeems himself by donating his club membership to help compensate for any damages caused by the “madman” in question.


Concluding Comments

By highlighting the virtuous qualities whereby the Munster family lives, “Country Club Munsters” demonstrates that so-called normal members of society can, in many cases, be less functional than a group of actual monsters inspired by 1930s horror films. Also worth mentioning are Herman’s golf course antics, which, though somewhat repetitious, will appeal to those who enjoy this series for its intentionally awful special effects.


Overall Quality: 9/10


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