The Munsters Episode 31: Love Comes to Mockingbird Heights

Technical Specs

Director: Joseph Pevney

Writers: Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher

Cast: Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo, Al Lewis, Pat Priest, Butch Patrick, Charles Robinson, Richard Hale, and Duncan McLeod

Composer: Jack Marshall

Air Date: 4/22/1965



After receiving a package of doubloons from Uncle Gilbert (Richard Hale), the Munsters decide to store their new treasure in a bank vault. Complications arise when assistant managerthe-munsters-love-comes-to-mockingbird-heights Alan Benson (Charles Robinson) attempts to elope with Marilyn, after which he would gain access to Uncle Gilbert’s fortune.

“Love Comes to Mockingbird Heights” should be commended for putting a unique spin on Marilyn’s inability to find and keep a romantic partner, a joke that had nearly run its course prior to this point in the series. Also remarkable are Eddie’s insightful conversations with Uncle Gilbert, which at last reveal the many advantages to being the Creature from the Black Lagoon.



Under normal circumstances, sitcom writers would have a difficult time selling the premise of a beautiful, charming young woman being seduced by an average Joe; however, given that Marilyn has a distorted perception of her own attractiveness coupled with naïve opinions about human nature (a Munster family trademark),the-munsters-love-comes-to-mockingbird-heights audiences should easily accept that a man such as Alan could, if devoid of moral inhibitions, manipulate his way into marrying someone of exceptionally high value. It should also be noted that Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher’s employment of the conman trope works quite effectively in conjunction with the Munsters’ kooky shenanigans, especially when Herman and Lily turn the tables on Alan.






the-munsters-love-comes-to-mockinbird-heightsHerman once again demonstrates a fatherly desire to protect Marilyn, specifically by scaring off a potential suitor whose vile deception would have grave consequences if allowed to continue unabated. Though somewhat unintentional (the line, “everyone looks kind of frightening when they first wake up” is used to explain Alan’s mortified reaction to a slumbering Herman), Herman’s late-night confrontation with Alan serves to reinforce the fact that, contrary to popular belief, the Munsters exemplify more wholesome values (e.g. loyalty) than do the majority of fictitious families.


Concluding Comments

By complementing a ridiculous concept with idiotic puns and goofball special effects, “Love Comes to Mockingbird Heights” provides enough good, clean humor for the entire family to enjoy. Additionally worth praising, the Creature from the Black Lagoon makes a delightful “splash” that will appeal to fans of the classic Universal Monster movies which inspired The Munsters.


Overall Quality: 10/10


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