Tales from the Crypt Episode 40: This’ll Kill Ya

Technical Specs

Director: Robert Longo

Writers: A L Katz and Gilbert Adler

Cast: Sonia Braga, Dylan McDermott, Cleavon Little, John Kassir, Rick Aiello, and Scott Williamson

Composer: Ira Newborn

Air Date: 6/27/1992



Fed up with the abusive behavior of a diabetic boss, scientific researchers Sophie Wagner (Sonia Braga) and Pack Brightman (Cleavon Little) decide to lace the insulin oftales-from-the-crypt-thisll-kill-ya their supervisor, George Gatlin (Dylan McDermott), with a deadly experimental serum. With only a few hours remaining, George decides to turn the tables on Pack and Sophie before time runs out.

A tedious effort, “This’ll Kill Ya” should be avoided by all but the most enthusiastic of Tales from the Crypt fans. In addition to its overuse of clichéd dialogue, this installment fails to employ a sufficient amount of campy humor to compensate for any obvious shortcomings.



tales-from-the-crypt-thisll-kill-yaWhen George begins to hallucinate, a variety of nauseating makeup appliances effectively simulate the appearance of pulsating, pus-oozing tumors growing on the faces of his fellow bar patrons. Though hardly convincing, such over-the-top depictions of gore and disfigurement will appeal to horror fans who prefer raw shock value over more delicate methods of eliciting psychological terror.



Based on a predictable, one-note premise, “This’ll Kill Ya” fails to generate and maintain a satisfactory level of suspense due to the flimsy narrative structure upon which it tales-from-the-crypt-thisll-kill-yaoperates. It should be noted that expanded character development might have resulted in a more substantive outcome, or at least allowed George and Sophie to seem like real human beings instead of cardboard stereotypes whose interactions stem exclusively from sleazy, spiteful motivations; however, this episode instead relies on superfluously drawn-out sex scenes and cheap gags (see above) to attain the length of a standard Tales from the Crypt offering.



tales-from-the-crypt-thisll-kill-yaAn overt commentary on the dangers of taking a practical joke too far is present, albeit never explored beyond cartoonish levels.


Concluding Comments

“This’ll Kill Ya” is an occasionally entertaining but ultimately subpar episode. Casual viewers would therefore be wise to skip this entry, the elements of which suffer from a near absence of creative insight.


Overall Quality: 4/10


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