The Munsters Episode 33: Lily Munster- Girl Model

Technical Specs

Director: Earl Bellamy

Writers: Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher

Cast: Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo, Al Lewis, Pat Priest, Butch Patrick, Roger C. Carmel, Nina Shipman, John Alvin, Kimberly Beck, Sally E. Morris, Teke, Susan Wedell, Tracy Butler, and Lois Roberts

Composer: Jack Marshall

Air Date: 5/6/1965



Feeling useless and unappreciated around the house, Lily finds a job modeling the fashion designs of Laszlo Brastoff (Roger C. Carmel). Afraid that Lily will receive a tremendousthe-munsters-lily-munster-girl-model amount of male attention given the ostentatious nature of her new profession, Herman and Grandpa devise a plan to restore the Munster family to its “normal” state.

“Lily Munster- Girl Model” benefits from a clever use of the jealous husband trope. That being said, certain gags (e.g. cowboy Herman and fashion model Grandpa) are tediously overplayed and thus fail to result in the intended comedic outcome.



the-munsters-lily-munster-girl-modelFor fans of The Munsters’ intentionally absurd special effects, “Lily Munster- Girl Model” will not disappoint. Highlights include a levitating typewriter carriage, a series of cartoonlike reactions from sanitarium patients upon spotting Lily for the first time, and a scene in which Herman literally flies through the ceiling when prompted by severe jealously—all of which are accomplished by humorously primitive techniques typical of Munster fare.



There are times when “Lily Munster- Girl Model” delves into excessively silly territory, even by The Munsters’ usual corny standards. Especially cringe-inducing is a sequence wherein Herman consumes a variety of pills to make himself resemble Frank Sinatra, Richard Burton, and a Texas playboy the-munsters-lily-munster-girl-modelin that order; in addition to being somewhat dated, the pop culture humor outlined above falls a bit flat by the second or third time Herman transforms into a now deceased celebrity. Grandpa’s stint as a beautiful young woman also tends to grow repetitiously stale over time; however, the concept of an actress lip-syncing Al Lewis’ distinct voice might have been amusing if employed in moderation.



While those who appreciate the Munsters for their commendable family values may take offense to Herman and Grandpa’s unwarranted distrust of Lily, it should be noted that athe-munsters-lily-munster-girl-model touching, albeit comical, display of reconciliation is present in the final scene.


Concluding Comments

A cute episode, “Lily Munster- Girl Model” contains an abundance of witty puns to compensate for a slightly underwhelming premise. Also worth mentioning, the Munster family’s ability to admit wrongdoing and ask forgiveness when necessary makes for a wholesome example that all viewers would be wise to follow.


Overall Quality: 6/10


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