Tales from the Crypt Episode 51: Werewolf Concerto

General Information

Director: Steve Perry

Writer: Scott Nimerfro

Cast: Timothy Dalton, Dennis Farina, Walter Gotell, Charles Fleischer, Reginald VelJohnson, Lela Rochon, Beverly D’Angelo, John Kassir, Wolfgang Puck, Jason Iorg, Marci Simon, and Andre P. Bustanoby

Composer: Rick Marotta

Air Date: 9/9/1992



tales-from-the-crypt-werewolf-concertoWhen a hotel guest is killed by a wild animal, werewolf hunter Lokai (Timothy Dalton) begins an investigation. After a “hairy” turn of events, Lokai discovers that his connection to the werewolf (Andre P. Bustanoby) may be more personal than he had initially realized.

“Werewolf Concerto” contains all the elements of a quintessential monster movie. Unfortunately, a chilling, suspenseful, and effectively gruesome opening sequence is followed by an uninspired approach to generating and sustaining narrative tension.



Timothy Dalton’s portrayal of Lokai should be commended for conveying the dark, enigmatic gravitas that would be expected of a werewolf hunter.



Despite employing the plot structure of an Agatha Christie novel, “Werewolf Concerto” lacks the character development necessary for a compelling murder mystery tales-from-the-crypt-werewolf-concertoto materialize—no doubt a consequence of cramming too much story into a standard-length Tales from the Crypt episode. Especially problematic is the absence of a meticulously crafted red herring, which, under more competent direction, would distract from the true culprit(s) prior to his or her reveal at the appropriate time (that being said, a clever and terrifying twist in the climactic scene compensates, albeit barely, for the otherwise predictable direction taken by Scott Nimerfro’s teleplay).



tales-from-the-crypt-werewolf-concertoBy offering a unique spin on the vampire/werewolf rivalry trope, “Werewolf Concerto” will appeal to fans of the horror genre.


Concluding Comments

A slapdash effort, “Werewolf Concerto” makes poor use of an exceptionally talented cast. Tales from the Crypt enthusiasts may nevertheless enjoy this episode, which revisits a theme previously explored in season two’s “The Secret.”


Overall Quality: 5/10


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