The Munsters Episode 62: The Musician

General Information

Director: Ezra Stone

Writer: Richard Baer

Cast: Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo, Al Lewis, Pat Priest, Butch Patrick, and John Carradine

Composer: Jack Marshall

Air Date: 3/3/1966



At the suggestion of Mr. Gateman (the parlor boss from “Herman’s Raise”), Herman requires Eddie to practice the trumpet every day despite his lack of musical the-munsters-the-musicianability. Unbeknownst to Herman, Grandpa brews a magic potion for Eddie, thereby improving his skill level. A complication arises when Grandpa fails to duplicate his initial results, causing Eddie to adopt the playing style and vernacular of a then modern-day jazz performer.

“The Musician” is an entertaining, if somewhat dated, episode of The Munsters. Notably, Mr. Gateman’s morbid, parlor-themed puns add a nice touch to the dinner conversation of the Munster family.



While dining at the Munster home, Mr. Gateman—a man who prides himself on his sense of humor—tells a variety of cringe-inducing jokes, e.g. “you’ve been as quiet as a (parlor) customer all evening” in response to the subdued manner the-munsters-the-musicianof Grandpa. Hoping to flatter his boss, Herman bursts out laughing whenever Mr. Gateman opens his mouth, prompting an annoyed reaction from him. The situation described above will surely appeal to fans of The Munsters, especially when complemented by the straight performance of John Carradine—a dignified actor known for his portrayal of Count Dracula/Baron Latos in the Universal Monster series.



Though hilarious at the time of filming, Eddie’s “jive talking” will likely fail to amuse the majority of modern audiences.



the-munsters-the-musician“The Musician” indicates that children should never be forced to develop talents where none exist, offering a bit of wisdom for real-life parents.


Concluding Comments

For combining pop culture references with darkly comedic subject matter, “The Musician” should be praised by viewers of The Munsters. John Carradine enthusiasts will likewise enjoy this episode, which contains another memorable appearance from the Mr. Gateman character.


Overall Quality: 7/10


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