5 Classic Monster Cameos Featured in The Munsters

Based on the classic Universal Monsters, the Munster family consists of five core members: Herman, a lighthearted parody of Frankenstein’s monster; Sam “Grandpa” Dracula, a vampire turned mad scientist; Lily, a goth woman with vague similarities to the Bride of Frankenstein; Eddie, a werewolf boy; and Marilyn, the normal one. Several other Hollywood monsters also make appearances from time to time, often claiming silly or bizarre connections to the eponymous family. In honor of the Halloween season, here are five hilarious creature cameos featured in The Munsters.

5) The Wolf Man


While reading palms for a living, Lily receives a visit from her brother Lester (Irwin Charone). In addition to his tacit link with Eddie (the only other werewolf in the family), Lester will induce “howling” laughter from fans of Lon Chaney Jr.’s Wolf Man character.

4) Phantom of the Opera


In The Munsters’ Revenge, Cousin Phantom of the Opera (Bob Hastings) arrives in time for a family gathering on Halloween. Though not as subtle as the other Munster cameos, Cousin Phantom—known for shattering glass with his falsetto voice—serves as an amusing parody of Lon Chaney Sr.’s most iconic film role.

3) Zombo


A horror host, Zombo (Louis Nye) provides inspiration for young Eddie. Of course, monster movie buffs will notice that Zombo—a witch-like figure with pointed fangs, scraggly hair, and reptile fingers—resembles a cross between the Hypnotist (Chaney’s character from London After Midnight) and John Barrymore’s portrayal of Mr. Hyde.

2) Frankenstein’s Monster


This one seems rather obvious. After all, it’s no coincidence that the Munster patriarch looks exactly like the Frankenstein creature of Universal Studios fame. That being said, Johann—Herman’s long-lost “brother”—has even more in common with the classic Frankenstein monster than Herman does, exhibiting pyrophobic tendencies and communicating only through inarticulate grunts and groans.

1) The Gill Man (Creature from the Black Lagoon)


After sending a package of gold doubloons to the Munsters, Uncle Gilbert (Richard Hale) pays a visit to the family. A comedic version of the Gill Man, the character of Uncle Gilbert will make a delightful “splash” with Creature from the Black Lagoon enthusiasts.

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