Tales from the Crypt Episode 68: Whirlpool

General Information

Director: Mick Garris

Writers: A L Katz and Gilbert Adler

Cast: Rita Rudner, Richard Lewis, John Kassir, Blake Clark, Ria Coyne, Michael Gregory, Roger Kabler, A L Katz, and Corin Nemec

Composer: Nicholas Pike

Air Date: 10/31/1994



Tales from the Crypt WhirlpoolAfter losing her job, EC Comics artist Rolanda (Rita Rudner) decides to take revenge on her boss. When shot and killed by the police, however, Rolanda finds herself trapped in a time warp, forcing her to repeat the same events for all eternity.

Often regarded as the worst entry of this series, “Whirlpool” should receive criticism for its cartoonish dialogue; annoying cinematography and sound effects; and failure to maintain a hint of realism from start to finish. For the above reasons, all but the most enthusiastic of Tales from the Crypt fans would be wise to forgo this episode.






Despite featuring a horror-themed twist on the premise for Groundhog Day (a clever and amusing comedy film starring Bill Murray), “Whirlpool” struggles to Tales from the Crypt Whirlpoolhandle its repetitive subject matter without producing a tedious, if not thoroughly grating, outcome. Worth noting in particular are the obnoxious and melodramatic conversations between Rolanda and her employer, which, when repeated ad nauseam, serve only to test the viewer’s patience—much in contrast to the above-mentioned Groundhog Day, which offers an entertaining spin on the relived experiences of Murray’s character.





Concluding Comments

Tales from the Crypt Whirlpool“Whirlpool” stands out as a juvenile, cringe-worthy installment of a television series that specializes in campy situations and over-the-top horror clichés. Specifically, the premise for Gilbert Adler and A L Katz’ narrative—though potentially humorous in spite of its derivative material—is marred by the exaggerated direction, performances, and overall execution of this episode, which earns its reputation as one of the most unwatchable segments in all seven seasons of Tales from the Crypt.


Overall Quality: 1/10


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