Tales from the Crypt Episode 69: Operation Friendship

General Information

Director: Roland Mesa

Writer: Rob Ross

Cast: Tate Donovan, Michelle René Thomas, John Caponera, Peter Dobson, John Kassir, Megan Cavanagh, Shelby Leverington, and Ethan Suplee

Composer: Peter Bernstein

Air Date: 11/9/1994



Bullied by his coworkers and unappreciated for his intelligence, computer programmer Nelson (Tate Donovan) develops an alter ego by the name of Eddie (PeterTales from the Crypt Operation Friendship Dobson). Despite initially drawing comfort from Eddie’s companionship, Nelson has a change of heart when pursuing a relationship with Jane (Michelle René Thomas)—a young, attractive psychologist.

“Operation Friendship” deserves criticism for its cringe-worthy dialogue and utter absence of horror tropes. Most appalling, however, is the life lesson presented in this episode, which offers a poor example for those of an impressionable mindset.



Viewers with a macabre sense of humor may enjoy the Crypt Keeper’s “eye” fishing gag in the closing segment.



It should be noted that “Operation Friendship” forgoes horror-themed subject matter in favor of emphasizing lighthearted—and painfully unamusing—comedic Tales from the Crypt Operation Friendshipmaterial from start to finish. Series enthusiasts may therefore take issue with this episode, which, in addition to lacking the traditional scares and high gore factor of a typical Tales from the Crypt installment, is marred by the antics of Eddie—an imaginary friend whose crass, obnoxious manner serves only to annoy the audience—and Nelson, a computer geek whose relationship with Jane comes across as incredibly shallow, contrived, and unrealistic.



Indicating that society automatically rewards crude, arrogant behavior over kindness and humility, “Operation Friendship” fails to provide a positive message Tales from the Crypt Keeperregarding justice and fair treatment—much in contrast to the majority of Tales from the Crypt offerings.


Concluding Comments

“Operation Friendship” is a poorly written episode of Tales from the Crypt. Especially awful are the interactions of Nelson and Eddie, the latter of whom should be criticized for his irritating personality.


Overall Quality: 2/10


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