Tales from the Crypt Episode 78: Comes the Dawn

General Information

Director: John Herzfeld

Writer: Scott Nimerfro

Cast: Bruce Payne, Vivian Wu, Susan Tyrrell, Michael Ironside, John Kassir, and Kaitlyn Walker

Composer: Frank Becker

Air Date: 1/11/1995



Tales from the Crypt Comes the DawnVisiting the Alaskan wilderness, former U.S. Army soldiers Parker (Bruce Payne) and Colonel Burrows (Michael Ironside) enlist the aid of Jeri Drumbeater (Vivian Wu)—a Gulf War veteran—while participating in an illegal hunt. In a classic turn of fate, however, Burrows and Parker must defend themselves against predatory creatures of a nocturnal variety.

Combining gothic horror tropes with a claustrophobic setting, “Comes the Dawn” should be requisite viewing for enthusiasts of vampire fiction. Also worth praising is the twist ending featured in this episode, adding an air of unpredictability to an otherwise formulaic narrative.



Michael Ironside (whom Tales from the Crypt fans will recognize from season two’s “The Sacrifice”) should be commended for his performance, the intensity Tales from the Crypt Comes the Dawnof which will undoubtedly convince the audience of Burrows’ extensive military and combat experience.

(Spoilers beyond this point)

Horror buffs may likewise appreciate “Comes the Dawn” for its depiction of unborn vampire offspring, suspended in fleshy, overhead sacs until birth—likely a precursor to Van Helsing, wherein Dracula’s children emerge from slimy, cocoon-like pods when brought to life by the energy of a werewolf.



“Comes the Dawn” is marred by a superfluous, if not overly distracting, lesbian subplot.



Tales from the Crypt Comes the DawnEmploying supernatural horror devices to punish a pair of callous, murdering poachers, “Comes the Dawn” will appeal to animal lovers with a compelling sense of justice.


Concluding Comments

“Comes the Dawn” is an atmospheric and relatively camp-free episode. Tales from the Crypt viewers will therefore enjoy this offering, which, in addition to its top-notch vampire make-up effects, benefits from a clever take on the eventual premise for 30 Days of Night.


Overall Quality: 9/10


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