Tales from the Crypt Episode 86: Cold War

General Information

Director: Andy Morahan

Writer: Scott Nimerfro

Cast: Ewan McGregor, Jane Horrocks, Colin Salmon, John Salthouse, Willie Ross, John Kassir, Peter Lee, Alan Liu, and Nigel Fan

Composer: J. Peter Robinson

Air Date: 5/31/1996



Following a botched robbery attempt, the beautiful Cammy (Jane Horrocks) abandons her partner Ford (Ewan McGregor) for a man named Jimmy Picket (Colin Tales from the Crypt Cold WarSalmon). Upon bringing Jimmy home with her, Cammy learns the hard way that she and Ford—both of whom share a morbid connection—are made for each other.

Combining campy humor with cringe-worthy dialogue, “Cold War” should be avoided by audiences of a critical mindset. Vampire enthusiasts and zombie movie buffs may, however, appreciate the twist ending of this episode.



Tales from the Crypt Cold War“Cold War” deserves praise for its gory special effects, which will likely appeal to fans of visceral horror. Episode highlights include stabbings, shotgun wounds, a compound fracture, and raw flesh hanging from a mutilated face—all of which benefit from the gruesome talents of Magdalen Gaffney, the primary make-up artist for season seven of Tales from the Crypt.



This episode is marred by annoying and contemptible characters: Ford, an idiotic bank robber; Cammy, a stereotypical dumb blonde; and the lustful JimmyTales from the Crypt Cold War Picket, whose bigoted remarks—though clearly written with a tongue-in-cheek message in mind—border on the offensive. Viewers may therefore struggle to connect with Scott Nimerfro’s narrative, which fails to include a single protagonist with sympathetic tendencies. (Season three’s “The Reluctant Vampire,” in contrast, features a main character who, in spite of his ghoulish behavior, comes across as a likable and down-to-earth individual.)





Concluding Comments

“Cold War” offers an amusing rivalry between two of the most popular creatures in supernatural horror fiction: vampires and zombies. Nevertheless, this season-seven entry should be criticized for its abysmal execution.


Overall Quality: 2/10


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