Tales from the Crypt Episode 88: Report from the Grave

General Information

Director: William Malone

Writer: William Malone

Cast: James Frain, Siobhan Flynn, Jonathan Firth, Gordon Peters, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, John Kassir, and Julian Kerridge

Composer: Frank Becker

Air Date: 6/14/1996



Inventing a method of harvesting thoughts from the dead, a man named Elliot (James Frain) and his girlfriend Arianne (Siobhan Flynn) break into the crypt of serial killer Valdemar Tymrak (Roger Ashton-Griffiths). Testing the device, Arianne dies while reading the memoriesTales from the Crypt Report from the Grave of Valdemar—with a terrifying aftermath.

“Report from the Grave” is a poorly written contribution from William Malone—director of “Only Skin Deep” from season six. Notably, this offering struggles to maintain a consistent theme from start to finish, instead amalgamating tropes from the romance, mad scientist, and supernatural-horror genres of fiction.



Tales from the Crypt Report from the GraveFeaturing a late-night grave robbery, the opening scene establishes a spooky, haunting atmosphere that will appeal to fans of gothic horror settings.

Also unnerving is the appearance of Valdemar Tymrak, a knife-licking serial killer with blood spilling from his mutilated mouth.



“Report from the Grave” deserves criticism for its lack of a coherent script, making the onscreen action quite difficult to follow at times. (Malone’s frequent Tales from the Crypt Report from the Graveuse of random, disturbing imagery may, however, satisfy those who enjoy experimental television with a surreal twist.)

(Spoilers beyond this point)

Additionally problematic is the ending of this episode, which fails to resolve the conflict involving Elliot, Arianne, and Valdemar in a clear, satisfying manner.





Concluding Comments

A mishmash of unrelated horror concepts, “Report from the Grave” is a confusing entry of Tales from the Crypt. Series enthusiasts may therefore choose to avoid this episode, which, by forgoing campy humor and compelling drama, will likely result in a forgettable viewing experience.


Overall Quality: 2/10


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