Tales from the Crypt Episode 91: Confession

General Information

Director: Peter Hewitt

Writer: Scott Nimerfro

Cast: Eddie Izzard, Ciaran Hinds, Alun Armstrong, John Benfield, John Kassir, Ashley Artus, and Mark Spalding

Composer: Julian Nott

Air Date: 7/5/1996



Tales from the Crypt ConfessionAccused of decapitating several women, horror screenplay writer Evans (Eddie Izzard) is arrested by the police. Thereafter, serial killer expert Jack Lynch (Ciaran Hinds) makes a compelling case against the suspect.

Benefiting from an intense, camp-free atmosphere, “Confession” will appeal to fans of the crime thriller genre. Especially worth praising are the performances of comedian Eddie Izzard and Harry Potter actor Ciaran Hinds, both of whom enhance the dramatic tension of this episode.



By playing cat-and-mouse games with each other, both main characters add an air of unpredictability to the outcome of Scott Nimerfro’s narrative. Evans, onTales from the Crypt Confession one hand, does an excellent job of deflecting attention away from himself, even suggesting that his interrogator could be responsible for the crimes in question. Jack Lynch, in contrast, goes out of his way to incriminate the suspect, lack of evidence notwithstanding. As a result, viewers will have a difficult time determining which character—Jack, Evans, or even one of the police detectives—to blame for the recent string of serial murders.






Tales from the Crypt Confession“Confession” provides a horror-themed twist on an ancient proverb, namely that pride goes before a fall. Specifically, the protagonist avoids seeking legal counsel before agreeing to the interview, relying on his “research” of police proceedings to guide his responses—a commentary on how arrogance can blind even the most intelligent or knowledgeable of men.


Concluding Comments

Combining murder mystery tropes with tongue-in-cheek references to Tales from the Crypt, “Confession” earns its reputation as a season-seven highlight. Horror enthusiasts and serial killer buffs may therefore enjoy this episode, which offers topnotch, memorable performances from an exceptional cast.


Overall Quality: 10/10


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