New Lost in Space Fan Forum in Need of Contributors

Lost in Space Fan ForumSince many of my visitors have left insightful comments on my own reviews, I thought some of you might enjoy participating in the new forum on the Lost in Space Forever website. In addition to posting a general discussion area, the site owner has included sub-forums where fans can talk about each individual episode of the original show. Contributors can also share fan art/fiction/collectibles, chat about Lost in Space conventions/events, and speculate on the upcoming Netflix reboot series. Right now there isn’t much activity, so don’t be shy about starting a new topic.

The general site area has plenty of links, videos, and fan fiction stories related to the original series. You can also follow @LostInSpace4evr on Twitter for daily memes, drawings, and caption contests inspired by Lost in Space episodes. If any of you decide to stop by and leave a comment, be sure to mention Midnite Reviews if possible.

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One thought on “New Lost in Space Fan Forum in Need of Contributors

  1. I hate the fake DR. smith not even a guy. not only that i cant stand her, she looks like a escaped mental patient i know the dr smith character and all, and she is just not AT ALL the rite person for the role. i really hope the kill her off ASAP. the rest of the people and show i like.

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