Tales from the Darkside Episode 59: Miss May Dusa

General Information

Director: Richard Blackburn

Writer: Richard Blackburn

Cast: Sofia Landon, Gary Majchrazak, Yolanda Childress, Steve R. Tracy, and Paul Sparer

Composer: Pat Irwin

Air Date: 1/18/1987



Returned to life by the actions of a robber (Steve R. Tracy), May Dusa (Sofia Landon)—suffering from amnesia and feeling guilty for turning people into stone—encounters a blind saxophone player known as Jimmy James (Gary Majchrzak). ThoughTales from the Darkside Miss May Dusa willing to explore a relationship with Jimmy, May Dusa struggles to escape the curse of her existence.

Providing a sensitive twist on a famous legend, “Miss May Dusa” is a haunting episode of Tales from the Darkside. Series enthusiasts may, however, take issue with this offering for its underwhelming narrative and lack of horror-themed subject matter.



Tales from the Darkside Miss May Dusa“Miss May Dusa” deserves recognition for its effective use of tragic undertones, which will likely resonate with fans of the horror/romance crossover genre. Especially worth praising are the exchanges of May Dusa (an obvious pun on the name Medusa) and Jimmy James—two misunderstood, physically disabled characters who share a poignant connection with each other.



Spending the majority of its running time on copious exposition, “Miss May Dusa” never manages to produce a suspenseful, engaging atmosphere despite emulatingTales from the Darkside Miss May Dusa the style of a neo-noir film.

“Miss May Dusa” should also evoke criticism for its predictable and mean-spirited twist ending, wherein the burglar from the opening sequence—reanimated after gazing into Medusa’s eyes—shoots Jimmy James, a helpless blind man with no one to assist him, in the stomach and leaves him for dead.



Tales from the Darkside Miss May DusaGenerating sympathy for the most notorious figure in Greek mythology, “Miss May Dusa” develops a compassionate monster with whom the audience can relate—the defining aspect of every successful creature feature.


Concluding Comments

“Miss May Dusa” is an emotionally stirring entry of Tales from the Darkside. Nevertheless, this episode fails to offer a compelling, worthwhile direction for its main narrative concept.


Overall Quality: 6/10


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