Tales from the Darkside Episode 61: My Ghostwriter – The Vampire

General Information

Director: Frank De Palma

Writer: Peter O’Keefe

Cast: Jeff Conaway, Roy Dotrice, Jillie Mack, Chi Chi Navarro, and Paul Sparer

Composer: Ken Lauber

Air Date: 2/1/1987



Tales from the Darkside My Ghostwriter The VampireWhile writing a trashy horror novel, hack author Peter Prentice (Jeff Conaway) is approached by Count Draco (Roy Dotrice)—a vampire who agrees to share his life stories with Peter in exchange for sanctuary. Despite benefiting from Draco’s experience, Peter attempts to rid himself of the count by placing silverware in his coffin—with a painful outcome.

Providing a modern twist on the Dracula legend, “My Ghostwriter – The Vampire” may appeal to fans of gothic horror movies. Specifically, this episode should be commended for its bloody makeup effects, topnotch performances, and well-written character exchanges.



Capturing the elegance, gravitas, and subtle charm of a centuries-old vampire, actor Roy Dotrice deserves praise for his performance. Especially convincing Tales from the Darkside My Ghostwriter The Vampireare Count Draco’s interactions with Peter Prentice, whose sleazy antics and disrespectful tone often clash with the noble, dignified manner of the eponymous vampire. (In fact, viewers may find Count Draco—though a bloodthirsty creature of the night—to be a more sympathetic and likable protagonist than Peter, who resorts to plagiarism, dishonesty, and outright murder when crafting his new bestseller, 900 Years of Darkness.)



“My Ghostwriter – The Vampire” may evoke criticism for its predictable twist ending, which offers a contrived series of events leading to the resurrection of Count Draco.



Tales from the Darkside My Ghostwriter The VampireThis episode contains a valuable lesson on the dangers of stabbing friends in the back, aligning oneself with untrustworthy people, and taking unethical shortcuts while building a successful brand.


Concluding Comments

“My Ghostwriter – The Vampire” is a clever, if occasionally campy, installment of Tales from the Darkside. Series enthusiasts may therefore enjoy this episode, which suffers only from a hackneyed twist in the final scene.


Overall Quality: 8/10


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