The Twilight Zone Episode 134: You Drive

General Information

Director: John Brahm

Writer: Earl Hamner Jr.

Cast: Edward Andrews, Hellena Westcott, Kevin Hagen, Totty Ames, and John Hanek

Composer: None (Stock Music)

Air Date: 1/3/1964

Production Code: 2625



The Twilight Zone You DriveWhile driving home from work on a rainy afternoon, office manager Oliver Pope (Edward Andrews) accidentally runs his car into a twelve-year-old newspaper boy. Despite avoiding legal consequences, Oliver discovers that his car has a mind of its own.

Combining modern technology with supernatural horror, “You Drive” deserves praise for its haunting and suspenseful atmosphere. Nevertheless, this episode may evoke criticism for its predictable execution.



Conveying the guilt and paranoia of an inexperienced criminal, Edward Andrews (previously featured in “Third from the Sun”) should be commended for his performance.The Twilight Zone You Drive By snapping at his wife, vandalizing his own car, and accusing a helpful co-worker of conspiring against him, for instance, Oliver Pope serves as a realistic, disturbing example of how a tormented conscience can destroy one’s life. (It should be mentioned, however, that in spite of his well-written character, Oliver fails to exhibit a shred of decency at any point throughout this episode—a drawback that may prevent the audience from sympathizing with his plight.)



The Twilight Zone You DriveThough later explored in Christine (a 1983 horror novel written by Stephen King), the concept of a haunted car borders on extremely silly—even by the far-fetched standards of The Twilight Zone.



A modern reimagining of “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe, “You Drive” employs psychological horror in order to convey a powerful message (i.e. that a guilty conscience can often be the most terrible punishment of all).


Concluding Comments

“You Drive” benefits from fear-building tropes of a subtle variety. Horror buffs and fans of The Twilight Zone should therefore enjoy this offering, which suffers only from a hackneyed twist in the final scene.


Overall Quality: 8/10


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