Meeting Butch Patrick at HorrorHound Weekend Indianapolis (September 6, 2019)

Last Friday, I attended HorrorHound Weekend at the Indiana Convention Center. My main reason for going was to meet Neve Campbell, who played Sidney in the Scream movies, and get her signature on my Ghostface mask. (As I mentioned in an older post, Matthew Lillard already signed the mask at a Days of the Dead convention in 2017. I also received an autograph from Roger L. Jackson, the voice of Ghostface, at a convention earlier this year.)

Before arriving at the con, however, I decided to check the website to see if there were any other guests who I might be interested in meeting. Fortunately, I found out that Butch Patrick—known for playing the original Eddie Munster—would be attending the event all weekend. Since I’ve always been a huge fan of The Munsters, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to stop by Butch’s table for an autograph.

When I arrived at his table, my dad pointed out that Butch was wearing a T-shirt of the Creature from the Black Lagoon (the Gill-Man assumed a comedic role in The Munsters, seen as Eddie’s Uncle Gilbert in the episode “Love Comes to Mockingbird Heights”). Butch seemed really enthusiastic to chat about the Universal Monsters, especially when describing how the movies have influenced new generations of filmmakers.

While looking over the 8×10 photos on his table, one picture in particular caught my attention. It was from the “Zombo” episode, where Eddie meets a late-night horror host performing with a monster gimmick. When I told Butch that “Zombo” was my favorite episode of The Munsters, he pulled out his phone and showed me a rare picture of him on the set with Louis Nye.

Butch Patrick Zombo

On a side note, does anyone else think that Zombo looks a bit like the Hypnotist from London After Midnight?