Chris Sarandon Autographed 8×10 (Jerry Dandrige from Fright Night)

Chris Sarandon Autographed 8x10

While attending Comic Con, a friend was nice enough to get me an autographed 8×10 from Chris Sarandon’s table. As a vampire enthusiast and 80s movie buff, I requested a photo of Jerry Dandrige from the original Fright Night—a horror/comedy cult classic and the main inspiration for my upcoming series of tongue-in-cheek monster novels.

New Lost in Space Fan Forum in Need of Contributors

Since many of my visitors have left insightful comments on my own reviews, I thought some of you might enjoy participating in the new forum on the Lost in Space Forever website. In addition to posting a general discussion area, the site owner has included sub-forums where fans can talk about each individual episode of […]

Star Trek Actor Leonard Nimoy Dies at 83


Leonard Nimoy, best known for his portrayal of Spock in Star Trek: The Original Series, passed away this morning at the age of 83. Reports indicate that prior to his death, Nimoy was suffering from the end-stages of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease for which he had been hospitalized several days earlier. As a life-long Star Trek […]