‘Star Trek: Genesis’ Sample Chapter #2


The whine of a transporter beam echoed throughout the empty corridors of the Regula Station. A luminescent glow spread over the center of a hallway, morphing into four distinct humanoid shapes. Saavik waved her tricorder in all directions. “Indeterminate life signs.” Kirk peered over Saavik’s shoulder and examined the mechanism. Cautiously, the admiral pulled a […]

‘Star Trek: Genesis’ Sample Chapter #1


Kirk stared at the viewscreen, mouth agape. “Khan . . .” “You still remember, Admiral,” replied a tall, silver-haired man of muscular physique. “I cannot help but be touched.” Khan folded his hands over his chest, mocking the admiral. “I, of course, remember you.” “What is the meaning of this attack? Where is the crew […]

Meeting Butch Patrick at HorrorHound Weekend Indianapolis (September 6, 2019)

Butch Patrick Zombo

Last Friday, I attended HorrorHound Weekend at the Indiana Convention Center. My main reason for going was to meet Neve Campbell, who played Sidney in the Scream movies, and get her signature on my Ghostface mask. (As I mentioned in an older post, Matthew Lillard already signed the mask at a Days of the Dead […]

Chris Sarandon Autographed 8×10 (Jerry Dandrige from Fright Night)

Chris Sarandon Autographed 8x10

While attending Comic Con, a friend was nice enough to get me an autographed 8×10 from Chris Sarandon’s table. As a vampire enthusiast and 80s movie buff, I requested a photo of Jerry Dandrige from the original Fright Night—a horror/comedy cult classic and the main inspiration for my upcoming series of tongue-in-cheek monster novels.