Tales from the Crypt Episode 65: Till Death Do We Part


General Information Director: Peter Iliff Writer: Peter Iliff Cast: Kate Vernon, John Stamos, Robert Picardo, Frank Stallone, Johnny Williams, Eileen Brennan, John Kassir, Rich Duggan, Tony Epper, and Thomas White Composer: Alan Silvestri Air Date: 12/8/1993   Overview While having an affair with waitress Lucy Chadwick (Kate Vernon), gigolo Johnny Canaparo (John Stamos) provokes the […]

Tales from the Crypt Episode 64: Half-Way Horrible


General Information Director: Greg Widen Writer: Greg Widen Cast: Clancy Brown, Martin Kove, Costas Mandylor, Charles Martin Smith, Jon Tenney, Brian Wimmer, Cheech Marin, John Kassir, Mark Jay Goodman, and Judith Baldwin Composer: Donald Markowitz Air Date: 12/1/1993   Overview By sacrificing one of his companions in the Brazilian rainforest, company owner Roger Lassen (Clancy […]

Tales from the Crypt Episode 63: Oil’s Well That Ends Well


General Information Director: Paul Abascal Writer: Scott Nimerfro Cast: Lou Diamond Phillips, Priscilla Presley, Noble Willingham, Alan Ruck, John Kassir, Steve Kahan, Rory Calhoun, John Kassir, and Saga Stevin Composer: Frank Becker Air Date: 11/24/1993   Overview Devising an elaborate scheme, con artist Jerry (Lou Diamond Phillips) and his girlfriend Gina (Priscilla Presley) trick Southern […]

Tales from the Crypt Episode 62: Came the Dawn


General Information Director: Uli Edel Writer: Ron Finley Cast: Brooke Shields, Perry King, Michael J. Pollard, Valerie Wildman, and John Kassir Composer: Christopher Franke Air Date: 11/17/1993   Overview While driving home one evening, businessman Roger (Perry King) gives a ride to Norma (Brooke Shields)—a female hitchhiker with a shady past. Supposedly intent on killing […]

Tales from the Crypt Episode 61: Creep Course


General Information Director: Jeffrey Boam Writer: Jeffrey Boam Cast: Jeffrey Jones, Anthony Michael Hall, Nina Siemaszko, John Kassir, Julius Carry, Rae Norman, and Ivan E. Roth Composer: Jay Ferguson Air Date: 11/10/1993   Overview Requiring a virgin sacrifice for the undead Pharaoh Ramseth (Ivan E. Roth), Professor Finley (Jeffrey Jones)—Egyptology expert and caretaker of a […]

Tales from the Crypt Episode 60: Well Cooked Hams


General Information Director: Elliot Silverstein Writer: Andrew Kevin Walker Cast: Martin Sheen, Billy Zane, Maryan D’Abo, John Kassir, Martin Sheen, Martin Sheen, Martin Sheen, Candi Brough, and Randi Brough Composer: Walter Werzowa Air Date: 11/3/1993   Overview After murdering and stealing the act of Zorbin the Magnificent (Martin Sheen), struggling magician Miles Federman (Billy Zane) […]

Tales from the Crypt Episode 59: House of Horror


General Information Director: Bob Gale Writer: Bob Gale Cast: Keith Coogan, Michael DeLuise, Courtney Gains, Brain Krause, Jason London, Meredith Salenger, Wil Wheaton, Kevin Dillon, John Kassir, Bill Kohne, and Shannon Day Composer: Alan Silvestri Air Date: 10/27/1993   Overview Led by pledge master Les Wilton (Kevin Dillon), fraternity hopefuls Arling (Wil Wheaton), Henderson (Jason […]

Tales from the Crypt Episode 58: Two for the Show


General Information Director: Kevin Hooks Writers: A L Katz and Gilbert Adler Cast: David Paymer, Vincent Spano, Traci Lords, John Kassir, Wesley Thompson, Steve Kravitz, and Willie Gault Composer: Nicholas Pike Air Date: 10/20/1993   Overview In a fit of rage, Andy Conway (David Paymer) brutally murders his adulterous wife Emma (Traci Lords), packs her […]

Tales from the Crypt Episode 57: People Who Live in Brass Hearses


General Information Director: Russell Mulcahy Writer: Scott Nimerfro Cast: Bill Paxton, Lainie Kazan, Brad Dourif, Michael Lerner, John Kassir, Pat Asanti, and Raushan Hamond Composer: Brad Fiedel Air Date: 10/13/1993   Overview With the help of his mentally challenged brother Virgil (Brad Dourif), ex-con Billy DeLuca (Bill Paxton) attempts to take revenge on ice cream […]

Tales from the Crypt Episode 56: Food for Thought


General Information Director: Rodman Flender Writer: Larry Wilson Cast: Ernie Hudson, Joan Chen, John Laughlin, Phil Fondacaro, Kathryn Howell, Margaret Howell, John Kassir, Granville Ames, Doug Jones, and Reginald Hunter Composer: Sylvester Levay Air Date: 10/6/1993   Overview Aided by his young wife Connie (Joan Chen), Zambini (Ernie Hudson)—a clown/cook with psychic abilities—prepares and successfully […]