Tales from the Crypt Episode 28: Abra Cadaver


Technical Specs Director: Stephen Hopkins Writer: Jim Birge Cast: Beau Bridges, Tony Goldwyn, Tom Wright, John Kassir, Lucinda Weist, Peter Schuck, Hugh Holub, and Tina Bockrath Composer: Alan Silvestri Air Date: 6/19/1991   Overview Following a birthday prank gone horribly wrong, Dr. Martin Fairbanks (Beau Bridges) is forced to abandon a promising career as a […]

Tales from the Crypt Episode 27: The Trap


Technical Specs Director: Michael J. Fox Writer: Scott Alexander Cast: Teri Garr, Bruno Kirby, Bruce McGill, James Tolkan, Carroll Baker, John Kassir, Carlos Lacamara, Michael J. Fox, Yvette Freeman, and Ben Hartigan Composer: Peter Allen Air Date: 6/15/1991   Overview Having been fired from his pizza delivery job, Lou Paloma (Bruce McGill)—an abrasive, unmotivated man—decides […]

Tales from the Crypt Episode 26: Carrion Death


Technical Specs Director: Steven E. de Souza Writer: Steven E. de Souza Cast: Kyle MacLachlan, George Deloy, and John Kassir Composer: Bruce Broughton Air Date: 6/15/1991   Overview After robbing a bank, serial killer Earl Raymond Digs (Kyle MacLachlan) is arrested by and handcuffed to a determined policeman (George Deloy). Despite fatally wounding his pursuer, […]

Tales from the Crypt Episode 25: Loved to Death


Technical Specs Director: Tom Mankiewicz Writers: Joe Minion and John Mankiewicz Cast: Andrew McCarthy, Mariel Hemingway, David Hemmings, Kathleen Freeman, and John Kassir Composer: Jimmy Webb Air Date: 6/15/1991   Overview Aspiring screenwriter Edward Foster (Andrew McCarthy) falls hopelessly in love with a beautiful but vapid actress named Miranda Singer (Mariel Hemingway). Upon being rejected […]