Tales from the Crypt Episode 24: The Secret


Technical Specs Director: Michael Riva Writer: Doug Ronning Cast: Larry Drake, Grace Zabriskie, Mike Simmrin, Georgann Johnson, Stella Hall, William Frankfather, John Kassir, Nicolas Ostrogovich, Jordan Metzner, and Gary Schwartz Composer: David Kitay Air Date: 7/31/1990   Overview In this touching but goofy tale, an orphan named Theodore (Mike Simmrin) is adopted by a Mr. […]

Tales from the Crypt Episode 23: My Brother’s Keeper


Technical Specs Director: Peter S. Seaman Writers: Jeffrey Price and Peter S. Seaman Cast: Timothy Stack, Jonathan Stark, Jessica Harper, Ron Orbach, Valerie Bickford, John Kassir, Charlies Stransky, Connie Johnson, and Trixie Hall Composer: Michel Rubini Air Date: 7/24/1990   Overview After visiting a doctor (Ron Orbach) who specializes in separating Siamese twins, conjoined brothers […]

Tales from the Crypt Episode 22: Television Terror


Technical Specs Director: Charles Picerni Writers: J. Randall Johnson and G.J. Pruss Cast: Morton Downey Jr., Dorothy Parke, Peter Van Norden, John Kassir, Warren Burton, M.K. Harris, Ami Rothschild, Candace Savalas, Jeannie Epper, Victor Paul, Wally Rose, Steve Picerni, and Ted Grossman Composer: J. Peter Robinson Air Date: 7/17/1990   Overview Hoping to increase his […]

Tales from the Crypt Episode 21: Mute Witness to Murder


Technical Specs Director: Jim Simpson Writer: Nancy Doyne Cast: Richard Thomas, Patricia Clarkson, Reed Birney, Kristine Nielsen, Rose Weaver, John Kassir, Diane Peterson, and Christopher Durang Composer: Jan Hammer Air Date: 7/10/1990   Overview In this atmospheric episode, a woman named Suzy (Patricia Clarkson) loses her ability to speak after witnessing a murder from her […]

Tales from the Crypt Episode 20: Lower Berth


Technical Specs Director: Kevin Yagher Writer: Fred Dekker Cast: Lewis Arquette, Stefan Gierasch, Mark Rolston, Jeff Yagher, John Kassir, Cindy Riegel, Alexandra Prager, and Kenneth White Composer: Michel Colombier Air Date: 7/3/1990   Overview After a sideshow operator named Mr. Sickles (Stefan Gierasch) acquires the body of an Egyptian princess from shady businessman Zachary Cling (Mark […]

Tales from the Crypt Episode 19: Korman’s Kalamity


Technical Specs Director: Rowdy Herrington Writer: Terry Black Cast: Harry Anderson, Cynthia Gibb, Colleen Camp, John Kassir, Austin Strauss, Lance Davis, Richard Schiff, Abel Franco, Michael Lee Owens, Eric Mettner, Artis Phillips Jr., and Tom Woodruff Jr. Composer: David Kitay Air Date: 6/26/1990   Overview After comic artist Jim Korman (Harry Anderson) grows frustrated with […]

Tales from the Crypt Episode 18: Fitting Punishment


Technical Specs Director: Jack Sholder Writers: Jonathan David Kahn, Michael Alan Kahn, and Don Mancini Cast: Moses Gunn, Jon Clair, Teddy Wilson, John Kassir, Nick La Tour, Al Fann, and Joanne Jackson Composer: Stanley Clarke Air Date: 6/19/1990   Overview Having recently been orphaned, Bobby Thornberry (Jon Clair) moves in with his self-righteous, physically abusive […]

Tales from the Crypt Episode 17: Judy, You’re Not Yourself Today


Technical Specs Director: Randa Haines Writer: Scott Nimerfro Cast: Frances Bay, Carol Kane, Brian Kerwin, John Kassir, David Dunard, Todd Field, and Shari Maier Composer: Michael Convertino Air Date: 6/12/1990   Overview An eccentric housewife named Judy (Carol Kane) is visited by a witch (Frances Bay) who uses a powerful amulet to trade bodies with […]

Tales from the Crypt Episode 16: The Ventriloquist’s Dummy


Technical Specs Director: Richard Donner Writer: Frank Darabont Cast: Don Rickles, Bobcat Goldthwait, John Kassir, Shelley Taylor Morgan, Symie, Steve Susskind, April Clawson, Joycee Katz, Courtney Mellinger, Jaclynne G. Jacobs, Robert Katims, and Mindy Rickles Composer: Miles Goodman Air Date: 6/5/1990   Overview In this classic episode, aspiring ventriloquist Billy Goldman (Bobcat Goldthwait) seeks approval […]

Tales from the Crypt Episode 15: Four-Sided Triangle


Technical Specs Director: Tom Holland Writers: James Tugend and Tom Holland Cast: Patricia Arquette, Chelcie Ross, Susan J. Blommaert, and John Kassir Composer: Scott Johnson Air Date: 5/29/1990   Overview A fugitive named Mary Jo (Patricia Arquette) is forced to seek shelter on a farm, where owners George and Luisa Yates (Chelcie Ross and Susan […]