Tales from the Darkside Episode 59: Miss May Dusa

Tales from the Darkside Miss May Dusa

General Information Director: Richard Blackburn Writer: Richard Blackburn Cast: Sofia Landon, Gary Majchrazak, Yolanda Childress, Steve R. Tracy, and Paul Sparer Composer: Pat Irwin Air Date: 1/18/1987   Overview Returned to life by the actions of a robber (Steve R. Tracy), May Dusa (Sofia Landon)—suffering from amnesia and feeling guilty for turning people into stone—encounters […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 58: Seasons of Belief

Tales from the Darkside Seasons of Belief

General Information Director: Michael McDowell Writer: Michael McDowell Cast: E.G. Marshall, Margaret Klenck, Sky Berdahl, Jenna von Oy, Mark Capri, and Paul Sparer Composer: Michael Gibbs Air Date: 12/29/1986   Overview Bored on Christmas Eve, children Stefa (Jenna von Oy) and Jimbo (Sky Berdahl) demand a story from their mother (Margaret Klenck) and father (E.G. […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 57: Deliver Us from Goodness

Tales from the Darkside Deliver Us from Goodness

General Information Director: Warner Shook Writer: Jule Selbo Cast: Kaiulani Lee, Mary Louise Wilson, Albert Macklin, Steve Vinovich, Bill McIntyre, Jane Adams, and Paul Sparer Composer: T.O. Sterrett Air Date: 11/30/1986   Overview While running for mayor of an Alabama town, Julian Cantrell (Steve Vinovich) encounters a problem when his wife Valeria (Kaiulani Lee)—unofficially sainted […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 56: Baker’s Dozen

Tales from the Darkside Bakers Dozen

General Information Director: John Sutherland Writer: George A. Romero Cast: Mabel King, Larry Manetti, Vernon Washington, Therese Pare, and Paul Sparer Composers: Ken Lauber and Hilary Bercovici Air Date: 11/23/1986   Overview Unscrupulous ad executive Henry Hogan (Larry Manetti) forms a partnership with cookie shop owner Ruby Cuzzins (Mabel King), allowing her to profit from […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 55: A Serpent’s Tooth

Tales from the Darkside A Serpents Tooth

General Information Director: Frank De Palma Writer: Edithe Swensen Cast: Renee Taylor, Louis Quinn, JoAnn Willette, Brett Marx, Ron Sloan, Jared Rushton, and Paul Sparer Composers: Ken Lauber and Hilary Bercovici Air Date: 11/16/1986   Overview Unable to positively influence her son Marc (Brett Marx) and daughter Madlene (JoAnn Willette), Pearl King (Renee Taylor) acquires […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 54: Heretic

Tales from the Darkside Heretic

General Information Director: Jerry Smith Writer: Edithe Swensen Cast: Roberts Blossom, Bruce MacVittie, Michael O’Hare, Alan Scarfe, Dominic Marcus, and Paul Sparer Composer: Tom Pile Air Date: 11/9/1986   Overview After acquiring a painting of the Spanish Inquisition, an unscrupulous art dealer named Harte (Bruce MacVittie) is visited by a mysterious man (Alan Scarfe) dressed […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 53: Black Widows

Tales from the Darkside Black Widows

General Information Director: Karl Epstein Writer: Michael McDowell Cast: Margaret O’Brien, Theresa Saldana, Paul Eiding, Joe D’Angerio, Howard Dayton, and Paul Sparer Composer: Ken Lauber Air Date: 11/2/1986   Overview Despite the reluctance of her mother Mildred (Margaret O’Brien), trailer park resident Audrey Webster (Theresa Saldana) decides to marry a man named Robert (Joe D’Angerio). […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 52: The Geezenstacks

Tales from the Darkside The Geezenstacks

General Information Director: Bill Travis Writer: Nancy Doyne Cast: Craig Wasson, Tandy Cronyn, Larry Pine, Lana Hirsch, and Paul Sparer Composer: Charlie Morrow Air Date: 10/26/1986   Overview A little girl named Audrey Hummel (Lana Hirsch) acquires a dollhouse from her Uncle Richard (Larry Pine). Thereafter, Audrey’s father Sam (Craig Wasson) observes a number of […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 51: Florence Bravo

Tales from the Darkside Florence Bravo

General Information Director: John Lewis Writer: Edithe Swensen Cast: Lori Cardille, David Hayward, Carol Levy, Lauren Klein, and Paul Sparer Composer: Richard Einhorn Air Date: 10/19/1986   Overview After committing adultery, Dr. David McCall (David Hayward) reconciles with his emotionally unstable wife Emily (Lori Cardille) and moves into an old house with her. Sometime later, […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 50: The Bitterest Pill

Tales from the Darkside The Bitterest Pill

General Information Director: Bryan Michael Stoller Writers: Michael Kube-McDowell and Jule Selbo Cast: Mark Blankfield, Joseph Carafello, Catherine Battistone, Jason Horst, John Marzilli, and Paul Sparer Composers: Ken Lauber and Hilary Bercovici Air Date: 10/12/1986   Overview After winning the lottery, Harlan and Margery Bender (Joseph Carafello and Catherine Battistone) are approached by Tinker (Mark […]