Tales from the Darkside Episode 37: Dream Girl


General Information Director: Timna Ranon Writer: Timna Ranon Cast: Carolyn Seymour, Jon Cedar, Lou Cutell, Shannon Kriska, Dawson Mays, Catherine Battistone, and Paul Sparer Composer: Ken Lauber Air Date: 1/19/1986   Overview Along with colleagues Syd Grossinger (Jon Cedar), Joe (Dawson Mays), and Didi (Shannon Kriska), theatre director Andrea Caldwell (Carolyn Seymour) finds herself in […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 36: Comet Watch

General Information Director: Warner Shook Writers: Harvey Jacobs and Jule Selbo Cast: Fritz Weaver, Anthony Heald, Kate McGregor-Stewart, Sarah Rush, and Paul Sparer Composer: Steve Gruskin Air Date: 1/12/1986   Overview While waiting for Halley’s Comet to become visible, meek astronomer Englebert Ames (Anthony Heald) is paid a visit by Edmund Halley (Fritz Weaver) himself. […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 35: Monsters in My Room


General Information Director: James Sadwith Writer: James Sadwith Cast: Greg Mullavey, Seth Green, Beth McDonald, Elia Braca, Paula Trueman, Leona Cyphers, George Kyle, and Paul Sparer Composer: Ken Mazur Air Date: 12/22/1985   Overview While enduring the taunts of a stepfather named Biff (Greg Mullavey), Timmy (Seth Green) must also confront the demonic creatures residing […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 34: Effect and Cause


General Information Director: Mark Jean Writer: Michael Kube-McDowell Cast: Susan Strasberg, Ben Marley, Judith-Marie Bergan, Gary Hershberger, Jay Scorpio, Chip Heller, and Paul Sparer Composer: Ken Lauber Air Date: 12/8/1985   Overview Following a personal injury, artist Kate Collins (Susan Strasberg) develops a talent for manipulating her surroundings. Unfortunately, Kate soon discovers that her powers […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 33: Ursa Minor


General Information Director: Ted Gershuny Writer: Ted Gershuny Cast: Marilyn Jones, Tim Carhart, Jamie Ohar, Malachy McCourt, and Paul Sparer Composer: Donald Rubinstein Air Date: 12/1/1985   Overview On her birthday, Susie (Jamie Ohar) is presented with a stuffed animal named Teddy. Disturbingly, neither of Susie’s parents—Joan (Marilyn Jones) and Richard (Tim Carhart)—remember purchasing a […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 32: The Trouble with Mary Jane


General Information Director: T.J. Castronovo Writer: Edithe Swensen Cast: Phyllis Diller, Lawrence Tierney, Anita Dangler, Tanya Fenmore, Charlotte Von Vogt, Carolyn Seymour, John Marzilli, and Paul Sparer Composer: Ken Lauber Air Date: 11/24/1985   Overview A little girl named Mary Jane (Tanya Fenmore) is possessed by Aisha Candisha—the queen of seductresses—and Gad, a self-proclaimed destroyer […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 31: Distant Signals


General Information Director: Bill Travis Writer: Ted Gershuny Cast: Darren McGavin, Lenny von Dohlen, David Margulies, Joe Bova, Sheila King, John Bonnes, Dog Thomas, and Paul Sparer Composer: Charles Morrow Associates, Inc. Air Date: 11/17/1985   Overview A mysterious man known as Mr. Smith (Lenny von Dohlen) approaches studio executive Gil Hurn (David Margulies) with […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 30: The Devil’s Advocate


General Information Director: Michael Gornick Writer: George A. Romero Cast: Jerry Stiller, Todd Oleson, Patrick Farrelly, Karen Shallo, Barbara Holmes, David L. Early, and Paul Sparer Composers: Simon Manses and Erica Portnoy Air Date: 11/10/1985   Overview Upon arriving at the station for an evening shift, misanthropic radio host Luther Mandrake (Jerry Stiller) wastes no […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 29: The Satanic Piano


General Information Director: John Harrison Writer: John Harrison Cast: Michael Warren, Lisa Bonet, Phil Roth, Felice Orlandi, and Paul Sparer Composer: John Harrison Air Date: 11/3/1985   Overview Struggling to overcome creative block, composer Pete Bancroft (Michael Warren) is approached by Wilson Farber (Phil Roth)—a man whose piano can translate thoughts into music. In order […]

Tales from the Darkside Episode 28: Halloween Candy


General Information Director: Tom Savini Writer: Michael McDowell Cast: Roy Poole, Tim Choate, David K. Varnay, John Edward Allen, Gary Pratt, and Paul Sparer Composer: Michael Gibbs Air Date: 10/27/1985   Overview Ignoring the advice of his son Michael (Tim Choate), the elderly Mr. Killup (Roy Poole) proceeds to torment trick-or-treaters for his own sadistic […]