The Twilight Zone Episode 92: Person or Persons Unknown

The Twilight Zone Person or Persons Unknown

General Information Director: John Brahm Writer: Charles Beaumont Cast: Richard Long, Frank Silvera, Shirley Ballard, Julie Van Zandt, Betty Harford, Ed Glover, Michael Keep, Joe Higgins, and John Newton Composer: None (Stock Music) Air Date: 3/23/1962 Production Code: 4829   Overview Upon awakening one morning, David Gurney (Richard Long) is treated like a stranger by […]

The Twilight Zone Episode 91: Little Girl Lost

The Twilight Zone Little Girl Lost

General Information Director: Paul Stewart Writer: Richard Matheson Cast: Sarah Marshall, Robert Sampson, and Charles Aidman Composer: Bernard Herrmann Air Date: 3/16/1962 Production Code: 4828   Overview Awakened in the middle of the night, Ruth and Chris Miller (Sarah Marshall and Robert Sampson) realize that their daughter Tina—no longer resting in her bed—appears to have […]

The Twilight Zone Episode 90: The Fugitive

The Twilight Zone The Fugitive

General Information Director: Richard L. Bare Writer: Charles Beaumont Cast: Susan Gordon, J. Pat O’Malley, Nancy Kulp, Wesley Lau, Paul Tripp, Russ Bender, Stephen Talbot, and Johnny Eiman Composer: None (Stock Music) Air Date: 3/9/1962 Production Code: 4816   Overview Old Ben (J. Pat O’Malley)—a magical, intergalactic fugitive adored by a group of neighborhood children—explains […]

The Twilight Zone Episode 89: To Serve Man

The Twilight Zone To Serve Man

General Information Director: Richard L. Bare Writer: Rod Serling Cast: Lloyd Bochner, Susan Cummings, Richard Kiel, Hardie Albright, Theodore Marcuse, Bartlett Robinson, Carlton Young, Nelson Olmstead, Robert Tafur, Lomax Study, and J.H. Fujikawa Composer: None (Stock Music) Air Date: 3/2/1962 Production Code: 4807   Overview Trapped in an alien spacecraft, cryptographer Michael Chambers (Lloyd Bochner) […]

The Twilight Zone Episode 88: The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank

The Twilight Zone The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank

General Information Director: Montgomery Pittman Writer: Montgomery Pittman Cast: James Best, Sherry Jackson, Edgar Buchanan, Lance Fuller, Dub Taylor, Ralph Moody, Jon Lormer, Ezelle Poule, Jim Houghton, Helen Wallace, William Fawcett, Mabel Forrest, Vickie Barnes, and Pat Hector Composer: Tommy Morgan Air Date: 2/23/1962 Production Code: 4811   Overview In a rural town, a young […]

The Twilight Zone Episode 87: A Piano in the House

The Twilight Zone A Piano in the House

General Information Director: David Greene Writer: Earl Hamner Cast: Barry Morse, Joan Hackett, Don Durant, Muriel Landers, Philip Coolidge, and Cyril Delevanti Composer: None (Stock Music) Air Date: 2/16/1962 Production Code: 4825   Overview To celebrate the birthday of his wife Esther (Joan Hackett), theater critic Fitzgerald Fortune (Barry Morse) brings home a special gift: […]

The Twilight Zone Episode 86: Kick the Can

The Twilight Zone Kick the Can

General Information Director: Lamont Johnson Writer: George Clayton Johnson Cast: Ernest Truex, Russell Collins, John Marley, Hank Patterson, Earl Hodgins, Marjorie Bennett, Lenore Shanewise, Anne O’Neal, and Burt Mustin Composer: None (Stock Music) Air Date: 2/9/1962 Production Code: 4821   Overview Unsatisfied with his current circumstances, senior citizen Charles Whitley (Ernest Truex) calls on his […]

The Twilight Zone Episode 85: Showdown with Rance McGrew

The Twilight Zone Showdown with Rance McGrew

General Information Director: Christian Nyby Writer: Rod Serling Cast: Larry Blyden, Arch Johnson, Robert Cornthwaite, Robert J. Stevenson, William McLean, Troy Melton, Jay Overholts, Hal K. Dawson, Robert Kline, and Jim Turley Composer: None (Stock Music) Air Date: 2/2/1962 Production Code: 4812   Overview Rance McGrew (Larry Blyden), a buffoonish and pretentious actor known for […]

The Twilight Zone Episode 84: The Hunt

The Twilight Zone The Hunt

General Information Director: Harold Schuster Writer: Earl Hamner Cast: Arthur Hunnicutt, Jeanette Nolan, Robert Faulk, Dexter Dupont, Orville Sherman, Charles Seel, and Titus Moede Composer: Robert Drasnin Air Date: 1/26/1962 Production Code: 4810   Overview While hunting raccoons one evening, Hyder Simpson (Arthur Hunnicutt) jumps into a fast-moving stream to rescue his dog Rip. Upon […]

The Twilight Zone Episode 83: Dead Man’s Shoes

The Twilight Zone Dead Mans Shoes

General Information Director: Montgomery Pittman Writer: Charles Beaumont Cast: Warren Stevens, Richard Devon, Joan Marshall, Ben Wright, Harry Swoger, Ron Hagerthy, Florence Marley, and Joe Mell Composer: None (Stock Music) Air Date: 1/19/1962 Production Code: 4824   Overview One evening, hobo Nate Bledsoe (Warren Stevens) discovers a pair of loafers owned by a recently murdered […]