5 Reasons Why the Ending of ‘The Last Jedi’ Didn’t Work

Luke vs Kylo

Last week I wrote an article about Yoda’s cameo in The Last Jedi, explaining why it didn’t work within the framework of the Star Wars universe. Another scene that I found to be highly problematic was the ending itself, which discards logic and continuity in favor of cheap emotional gimmicks. Here are five major issues […]

The ‘Star Trek: The Original Series’ Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

Star Trek Cast

While browsing the internet for Star Trek lists, I’ve come across many articles with unofficial rankings for all thirteen films. To me, this practice of lumping the TOS, TNG, and modern Star Trek movies together seems completely absurd. Why bother comparing films that don’t technically belong to the same series? For this reason, I’ve decided […]

10 Classic Sci-fi Movies Referenced in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas

Liberty Prime

Inspired by 1950s futurism, the Fallout games include many subtle nods to iconic sci-fi movies and television shows. While I haven’t yet finished playing through Fallout 4, I thought it would be fun to share all the classic science fiction references—some being more obvious than others—that I uncovered in my two favorite installments of the […]

10 More Science Fiction Films That Belong in the IMDb Top 250

Fantastic Voyage

Last week I wrote an article expressing my displeasure with the IMDb rating system, which allows popular new releases to overshadow and replace many classic films on the Top 250 list—formerly a reliable guide for determining the most timeless and high-quality movies ever made. In keeping with the sci-fi/horror theme of my website, I decided […]

10 Reasons Why the Lost in Space Movie Didn’t Work

On this day in 1998, the Lost in Space movie was released in theaters. For a twentieth anniversary post, I decided to review each of the film’s shortcomings (or at least as many as I could cover in a ten-point list) and explain why director Stephen Hopkins failed to revive the beloved 1960s franchise. To […]

The Heisei Godzilla Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

The Return of Godzilla

Having shared my thoughts on the Showa Godzilla movies, I decided to write a follow-up article for reviewing each of the Heisei offerings in detail. Personally, I consider the Heisei Godzilla films to be the most captivating out of all three series by Toho Studios. Whereas the Showa (1954-1975) and Millennium (1999-2004) franchises will likely […]

The Showa Godzilla Movies Ranked from Worst to Best


With the new MonsterVerse franchise currently in the works, I thought now would be a good time to revisit the original Godzilla series. Whether you’re a casual G-fan or, like me, a lifelong enthusiast of Japanese creature features, hopefully this article will serve as a guide on which efforts to avoid, which movies fall into […]