The Heisei Godzilla Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

The Return of Godzilla

Having shared my thoughts on the Showa Godzilla movies, I decided to write a follow-up article for reviewing each of the Heisei offerings in detail. Personally, I consider the Heisei Godzilla films to be the most captivating out of all three series by Toho Studios. Whereas the Showa (1954-1975) and Millennium (1999-2004) franchises will likely […]

The Showa Godzilla Movies Ranked from Worst to Best


With the new MonsterVerse franchise currently in the works, I thought now would be a good time to revisit the original Godzilla series. Whether you’re a casual G-fan or, like me, a lifelong enthusiast of Japanese creature features, hopefully this article will serve as a guide on which efforts to avoid, which movies fall into […]

5 Classic Monster Cameos Featured in The Munsters


Based on the classic Universal Monsters, the Munster family consists of five core members: Herman, a lighthearted parody of Frankenstein’s monster; Sam “Grandpa” Dracula, a vampire turned mad scientist; Lily, a goth woman with vague similarities to the Bride of Frankenstein; Eddie, a werewolf boy; and Marilyn, the normal one. Several other Hollywood monsters also […]

7 Scooby Doo, Where Are You? Episodes That Every Classic Horror Fan Should See

Scooby-Doo Dracula

As a lifelong horror fan, I always loved the old Scooby-Doo cartoon series for its creepy situations and menacing villains—many of which were inspired by classic monster movies and works of literature. For this reason, I decided to compile a list of seven episodes (all from the original show) that every creature feature buff should […]

13 Terrifying Monsters Featured in the Star Trek Franchise

Salt Vampire

As a fan of the sci-fi/horror genre, I always enjoyed Star Trek for its terrifying alien creatures. In honor of today’s date, here are thirteen monsters—from both the original series and its follow-up offerings—that captured my imagination. The Gorn Captain Lacking a trace of emotion in his glittery eyes and possessing many times the strength […]

The 10 Scariest Lost in Space Episodes


When revisiting Lost in Space as an adult, one thing which fascinates me is that many episodes—especially the black-and-white offerings from season one—blend science fiction themes with elements of the horror genre. For this reason, I decided to kick off the Halloween season by analyzing the top ten scariest episodes of my favorite childhood television […]

The 10 Most Underrated Star Trek: The Original Series Episodes


In my recent list of The 10 Best Star Trek: The Original Series Episodes, I indicated that a compilation of the ten most underrated Star Trek offerings would soon follow. As promised, below are my selections. 10) Spock’s Brain When Kara (Marj Dusay)—leader of the Eymorgs—teleports aboard the Enterprise and surgically removes Spock’s brain, Captain […]